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    Simran Kohli

    Hi there am looking for starting Djino gear the only setup available is Pioneer so I am in a very tight spot and confused.

    My djingle purposes are house parties and home I need advice on medium gear not so cheap nor too high

    These were my choices

    Plx1000 x2
    DJM 350
    Speakers and headphones
    It’s not very mobile equipment

    Other choices were



    CDJ 1000

    Can’t get my head cleared very confused so any help and advice would be of great help


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    All Murray

    If you’re a complete beginner then i would take a look at the Pioneer DDJ RB, i have this controller for the odd mobile gig and it get’s the job done nicely, it also comes with rekordbox dj so no need to buy additional software…

    Simran Kohli

    Hi there thanks a lot mate can it be connected to a mac laptop I pad and iPhone? Which speakers would you recommend only pointer available and if I have to upgrade later on which controller should I go for? Again thanks very much

    DJ Vintage

    No need to worry about upgrading later. The RB will serve your needs nicely until you have advanced so far that you actually need more functionality to match your workflow. By then you will know what functionality that is.

    Simran Kohli

    Thanks a lot mate you guys rock ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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