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    Simon Cooper

    Hey – wondering if anyone has experienced this before and how they tackled it?

    I made a mini-mix of a wedding set but Mixcloud rejected it saying:
    “It was taken down because Mixcloud is about radio shows and long form audio, and not tracks or short from content.”

    I understand that they are trying to distinguish themselves from Soundcloud by not allowing single tracks but what’s wrong with a mini-mix? Why would they reject a creative mix even if it is only 5 minutes long. It’s a shame as I’ve been using Mixcloud for years now and have built up a following.

    Does anyone know of any other sites that might be suitable?


    Allan Murray

    Mixcloud is near enough a dead platform these days with all their new policies etc:

    I just use youtube these days for any content, bigger, more popular and hasn’t got the draconian policies of either soundcloud or mixcloud.

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    Simon Cooper

    Yeah, it’s the only option really! Shame they’ve decided to make things difficult for everyone.

    Todd Oddity

    I must have missed some news – what new policies? The no individual tracks / mashups thing has been there as long as I’ve been on the platform.

    Peter Lindqvist

    There are a lot of choices to post mixes, and in my opinion MixCloud is the worst one, at least if you want some listeners. I’ve posted this not long ago but it’s apparently worth repeating. My preferred choices for uploading mixes are:
    1. http://www.house-mixes.com/
    2. http://www.mix.dj/
    3. http://promodj.com/
    They are in no particular order, they all have their pros and very few cons. I prefer them because of: Friendly environment, Lots of listeners & not only other uploaders, Downloadable, At least 1 GB free upload space (house-mixes unlimited) and you can upgrade for more professional functions if needed. B.t.w, they all have easy linking to most social media so you can get your mix out fast to your fans and friends. On house-mixes, if you wanna keep your MC-account updated, you can tic a box and your mixes will automatically be uploaded there as well.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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