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    Jan Davies

    Has anyone figured out yet how to:-
    1. prevent MiK from messing up the SDJ cue points? and/or
    2. how to BATCH fix or remove them?

    I’m running SDJ 1.8.1 and ran my whole library through PN>MiK and was really delighted with the results (except PN’s transposition of certain kinds of tracks, but I can manually readjust … ) BUT, like it many people it seems, every single track in my library is now cluttered with 8 WRONG cue points (all early by about half a beat just like Groovepunk found). It’s gonna take a month to manually erase and put them back in. If I could just shift all of them a half a beat, the way you slip a beatgrid, that would save me weeks of my life ….. Any ideas? Thanks in advance 8)

    DJ Vintage

    Hi, I have moved your reply to a topic of it’s own. Please don’t revive old topics this way.

    Jan Davies

    OK, soz. (The post wasn’t very old, as far as I can see, MiK hasn’t resolved the issue and the other posts in the topic reported a very similar problem so I thought their information would be useful.) But noted for future posts 🙂

    So… any ideas would be really, really appreciated 🙂

    DJ Vintage

    While I don’t use the automatic cue point feature for Serato (as I use Mixvibes Cross) in MiK, it is easy to switch off. You can select for what software to save cue points (Traktor or Serato) so make sure both are off. Also beneath that you can set if you want MiK to overwrite current cue points. Make sure that is off as well.

    At this time MiK will not set any cue points and not overwrite any cue points.

    As for correcting the matter, as PN makes NEW tracks your old ones should still be intact somewhere. So you could change the MiK setting and run the process once more, this time saving your existing cue points.

    I am not sure about the behavior of PN as it saves the new tracks, as I never put anything in my collection BEFORE it has gone through PN, but I do believe it leaves all tags in place (including cue points) but not 100% certain about that.

    Fred Lackey

    I would love a way to mass-delete the automatic cue points.

    Until now I could easily determine if I already setup a song with my common cue points. If I opened a song, and no cue points appeared, I know it’s never been played before and I quickly go through the track to set the cues I need. However, now that all of my tracks have meaningless cue points (or, at least, not mine) I have no clue what I have!

    Pete Lindemann

    Is MIK the only program that sets auto Cue points in serato or are there other alternatives .. have so much music I haven’t put cue points on .. like 7000 songs this might help


    Setting cue points depends, imho, on a few things:

    a) correct beatgridding, if the grid is off/inconsistent, getting correct cues is probably not feasible automatically
    b) clear track structure, same thing

    At the end of the day, if you follow the advice given at the blog and here at the forums, which include keeping (core) collections small -between 500-1000 tracks or so- and adding only 5-10 tracks max. a month (and tossing out an equal number!), it is fully feasible to do the labor manually. Especially since you need to be INTIMATELY familiar with your core collection. As such the process of correctly prepping your track will help getting that deep knowledge.

    Also, depending on your style of DJ-ing, I know few DJs that use all 8 cue points on every track they own. And since in this case less IS more (who needs cue point lighting up your performance pads that you don’t use), I’d rather manually set the cue point I really want and will use than having some software doing it wrong for all my tracks and having to correct and delete track by track.

    Just my final 3 cents as usual.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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