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    Dustin Pearce

    Hi DTT team and commumity.

    I use the Djay Pro software by Algoriddim and am shopping for a new controller.

    I am trying to decide between the Mixon 4 and the DDJ SX.

    If ANYONE has any advice id love to hear it.
    I don’t know of anywhere else that has this much experience and knowledge on the topic.

    DJ Vintage? Any thoughts?
    How do they compare?

    I am mostly mixing house music (privately for now) and my gigs usually consist of weddings and private parties.

    Thank you in advance

    Dustin (Toronto)


    Frankly, I had the DDJ-SX and while it’s a nice controller, I don’t like the way the mics are implemented, making it less than stellar for mobile gigs, imho. My new MCX8000 is much better that way, like the MC6000 was when it came out.

    Also the SX has no way of attaching your iPad (if you are using the iOS version of DJay Pro).

    The Mixon is clearly made as more of a hybrid unit and definitely made to work with Djay, working with both tablets and regular laptops. It too lacks a good way of integrating the mic, although if you set the mic volume correctly and use a mic with an on/off switch, you’d probably have more fun with that than with the SX.
    Also the jogs on the Mixon are typically reloop, which mean low. This is a personal choice, so be sure to try it before you buy it. Personally I like the higher jogs, but I know co-moderator Terry has used Reloop for many many years.

    Another difference between the two is that the Mixon is not a standalone mixer. This can be solved by adding a small PA mixer (like the Yamaha MG06 or even the AG03), which would also take (better) care of your mic needs.

    You know already I will tell you it’s a highly personal choice.

    Based on price, options and full commitment to Algoriddim, the Mixon would probably be my choice, with the addition of a small PA mixer. I could drop the PA mixer doing my house stuff privately and just add it for my gigs on the road. The slot holds both regular and pro iPads if I am not mistaken, so that’s a bonus as it will let you charge your iPad while playing. If you are using a Mac-based version of DJay Pro, then that is not a concern of course. But always good to have the option of just heading out with your controller and iPad for a small party somewhere.

    Dustin Pearce

    DJ Vintage,

    I cant thank you enough for your detailed response.

    I have been mixing for about 4 years now at all sorts of different types of
    gigs using the Numark idj Pro with a 2nd generation ipad.
    As the gigs are getting bigger, so is the responsibility to perform better.
    I have always wanted (at least an extra channel) a 4 channel mixer for
    quicker transitions (having more than one song ready to go at a time) and
    have been searching high and low for the right one that would work best
    with the Djay software and Spotify.

    The Mixon 4 seemed to answer the calling but since the announcement(s) that
    Algoriddim was making all pioneer controllers compatible with Djay, I
    thought I should revisit my options.

    As for your points, because I do DJ weddings from time to time, a dedicated
    mic channel has become essential, so thanks for pointing out the flaws in
    the SR and Mixon. I know the Yamaha MG06 wont break the bank and has great
    reviews across the board.

    The jog wheels aren’t a major concern as scratching isn’t a staple in my
    mixes. I use the jogwheels primarily for scrolling thru songs to line up a
    cue point.

    So, it sounds like the major differences (based on your reply), are:

    —that the SX has no way of attaching to an ipad. However if im using a
    laptop its a moot point.

    —both have a less than brilliant mic set up, but that is easily corrected
    with the Mixon by incorporating a Yamaha MG06.

    —the jogwheel height is not of great concern to me

    Other than what Ive listed, Im assuming the Mixon and SR effects and tools
    are quite similar. Meaning, there isn’t ‘more’ you could do with 1
    controller over the other performance wise?

    Lastly, it was revealed awhile ago that the Mixon 4 was natively supporting
    Melodics. However I cant find ANY info ANYWHERE on how this will be
    integrated into the controller or how its going to work. Do you know
    anything about this? When it was released thru instagram I asked right away
    in the comments section but Reloop never answers in the comments section

    Again, thank you so much for your help and participation in the dj



    If you go here: https://melodics.com/supported-devices, you will see the Mixon 4 under the Reloop listings.

    I’ll stick with my “advise” to go for the Mixon 4 unless you have pressing reasons to go SX2 (regular SX no longer available new).

    * The option of hooking up your iPad (there are 30-pin to lightning adapters)
    * Price difference between SX (You said SR in your reply but that is a 2-channel controller which isn’t what you are looking for I think) by a large margin (here in Holland about 1.000 for the SX vs 650 for the Mixon 4)
    * Yamaha MG06X (about 100 here) adds two perfectly good mic channels with two band EQ and reverb (great for those wanting to sing a song at weddings) and the option for your controller AND a backup device to connect as well, with high end output connections.
    * While DJay may support all Pioneer units now, the Mixon 4 was designed with DJay in mind (like your iDJ Pro – which I had and loved), which would give me more confidence in the actual integration.

    So, the rest is up to you. Good luck with your decision.

    Dustin Pearce

    I am not ‘immersed’ in the dj culture socially so I don’t have any friends or colleagues to bounce ideas off of.
    Because of this, your help is appreciated in more ways than you can imagine.

    Once again thank you very much.


    Thanks! It’s what we are here for.

    Joe Brunner Brunner

    Dear Vintage. Hope you are well.

    Just wanted to express my gratitude for this question and the full reply,
    and also to get further reassurance.
    I got myself a Mixon 4 on the strength of this comments thread.
    Now for those extra fiddly pieces around the edge.

    You wrote:

    * Yamaha MG06X (about 100 here) adds two perfectly good mic channels with two band EQ and reverb (great for those wanting to sing a song at weddings) and the option for your controller AND a backup device to connect as well, with high end output connections.

    I remember reading the above when you posted it.
    Just now I read the Complete Wedding dj book:

    ** You can get a good mixer for 50 dollars to 99 dollars…. You will need at least four inputs: from your Controller, Mic, back-up sound device (iPod, iPad, etc) and one extra.

    Q1:So am looking to get this Yamaha MG, especially as it has two mic inputs. Am I right that this Yamaha would be over-qualified for boasting the signal from my backup iPad, or the iPhone of a friend, but that it would do the job perfectly well?

    Q3: Would this Yamaha “mixer” (I guess “mixer” means “interface” in this case??) work the same as a stand alone dj mixer for allowing me to fade out a track that a friend has just played on his iPad, so I can mix it with a track outputting the Mixon controlled software?

    Q4: I would like to know if this Yamaha would work with a pick up for an acoustic instrument played over the top of
    a track… like having a live cello playing over the top of a basic house track? Or would a pricier sound interface, Yamaha or otherwise, be better?

    Q5:If so, what might you recommend?

    Q6 :When would you consider buying a full pro mixer instead of an interface? I know you would hardly use any of its functions if playing from the Mixon… but if you had your eyes on those magic new Denon pro iPad quality touch screen controller things for a years time….

    ….might you put aside an interface and get a stand alone mixer instead??

    Many thanks.



    Thanks again.

    Q1: There are mixers in all price ranges. I have had several Yamaha’s and I know some of our readers have the AG- or MG series mixers as well and are very content with them. It will do the job perfectly well. Good build quality, good sound. I wouldn’t say it’s over-qualified perse. Perhaps that 1 or 2 extra channels, but that would not be a worry to me.

    Q2: No idea what happened to the question LOL

    Q3: Mixer means that, mixer. An interface is a sound card, which it is not (at least not in the MG06, it IS also a sound card in the AG06). And yes, it would have a rotary button as opposed to a fader, but can be done. The line inputs do not have EQ, so any EQ effects your friend would have to do in his iPad software. Both mixers have their strengths.

    Q4: Adding guitar/cello and such, it would tempt me to go AG06, but you’d have no volume control over the aux (iPhone/iPad) input, meaning and volume controlling would have to be done on the iDevice. You would be getting the computer connection (recording! and playback), a more instrument-friendly mixer and the option of setting some effects on the mic/instrument channels.

    Q5: I’d stick with my MG06 recommendation, with an AG06 as a solid alternative. Choice depends a bit on budget (AG is about 25% more expensive) and what you intend to use it for most.

    Q6: We are not talking about an interface. Your primary tool would be your Mixon. The Yamaha is an addition to give you backup, (better) mic options and better (balanced) outputs. So no, unless you want to go modular (with separate decks and a separate DJ mixer), there is no reason to not continue on the path you are on.

    Joe Brunner Brunner

    Thanks so much for that valuable reply. Really exciting. Just sorry that the email notification did not work so I could’ve got back to thank you sooner.
    A fuller reply once I have studied this.

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