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    Hi there!

    I am a French mobile DJ aged 25, playing weddings mostly (quite successfully) as well as the occasional club gig in the winter.
    In the future, I would love to relocate to the UK.
    I was wondering if you had any tips about re-building an appropriate UK music collection. Sure, it is easy to look up and buy the current Top 40, but how about those older hits that were released before I was even born? I believe in France we have very special taste especially when it comes to 80s music, French tunes I can’t re-use. So… If I am to get English or Scottish old school music, how do I recognize a genuine hit when I grew up in a different culture.
    Should I follow an established mobile DJ as a Padawan for a couple gigs? Do people do that?
    I’d love to hear stories from some DJ who experienced such a situation.

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    Ian Williams

    I think it’s only really something that experience can teach you. So probably best to tag along with a few UK DJ’s & see what they’re playing.

    Interestingly, I’m looking at a similar scenario.

    I’m possibly moving from the UK to Ireland, & intend DJing there. So im also very interested in any general differences people have found moving to a new country.

    DJ Vintage

    One good source for UK-based hits is the Now This Is Music and I believe there is a NOW (this is what I call) Dance series as well that has like 89s 90s and 00s compilations.

    As far as I recall these where both pretty UK-centric (I know because I played clubs at the time on mainland Europe and lots of stuff was not in our charts/clubs or wasn’t as popular.

    Other than that, tagging along if you can find someone who’ll let you and just scouring the internet for charts, listening to stuff and making up your own mind about what you like too.

    Finally be prepared to take requests and write them down, so you can decide after a gig if you need to get them.

    Niall Shaw

    Check out the ‘Now’ and ‘Top of the Pops’ collections.

    There are also back catalogue collections of ‘must haves’ through the decades from the likes of mastermixdj.com

    All Murray

    I agree with DJ vintage on this as the Now albums are popular here in the UK, another thing to look out for which is what I went and purchased a while back was an album set consisting of hits from the 1960’s until now.

    I got this on ebay which is a reliable site when purchasing music in bulk, i got my collection for as little as £50, all original CD’s.

    You can always add more later on if need be…

    Rob S

    Quite subjective, as I would hate to hear just generic Now albums at my wedding, or even worse, 90s-00s pop, but it’s certainly a good place to start.

    Personally if I was looking in and around the 80s I’d start with Shalamar, George Benson, Morrisey, perhaps Phil Collins, Luther Vandross, Alexander O’Neal, Lionel Richie, Kool & The Gang, Queen, Flock of Seaguls, The Temptations, Gloria Estefan for when you want to get the kids up. Maybe look at a bit of Motown if going back a bit further.

    (Someone will probably point out that a lot of that has been on Now albums, but I’m trying to sway away from the predictable Jon Bon Jovi / Michael Jackson / ABBA / George Michael / Rick Astley type songs you get everywhere.

    Also this is one of my all-time absolute favourite records and should be played at every wedding ever:

    And what about this wildcard, classic!

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    Thanks all for your helpful replies.
    NOW albums sound like a good start. Ebay good idea, although if I start ripping and transcoding I will need a ProDub license, duh! (We don’t have that thing where I live :D)

    Quite subjective, as I would hate to hear just generic Now albums at my wedding, or even worse, 90s-00s pop, but it’s certainly a good place to start.

    I feel you, no pro would book a wedding without fully grasping the bride and groom’s music taste (must-play’s AND blacklist) anyway!
    Thank for your custom suggestions.

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