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    So this week I’ve got about 80 tracks in my hold bin and i’m planning on getting 20 max. This is going to be pretty hard because just to get to my hold bin these tracks must have had something interesting. Is this how you guys go about choosing which tracks to buy?


    i always will cue up a handful then go back and re listen to them a day or two later and if they still catch my ear like they did when I first heard them then i’ll usually go on and purchase then.

    Emma Partnow

    Hello Mike :);
    Cutting 3 Quarters of what is in your ‘Hold Box’ this week will take some Decisions;
    We all have our Different Ways of ‘Accepting’ Tracks into our ‘Family’ (meaning Our/My Collection) :);
    I usually consider these Options;
    1: Do ‘I’ Want it and I Don’t Care what Anyone Else Thinks – meaning this is for My Pleasure
    2: Will it Mix with something I already Have – have I Discovered 2 Similar Basslines/Drum Tracks
    3: Can I play this in a Mix Set and Where – is it an ‘Early’; ‘Mid’; or ‘Late’ Session Track
    4: Where can I Play This – is it Acceptable to ‘All’ or just a ‘Small Niche’ of people

    It is a Great Question Mike; and How others (and Why) Buy their Tracks would be Cool Information 🙂

    DJ Peixinho

    My hold bin has around that number of tracks, if not more. What I usually do is establish an amount of how much can/want to spend and listen to all tracks. As I listen, I put them in the shopping cart if I feel that it will be highly used or if are just catchy, the rest remains on hold until demand asks for it.
    But like Emma’s process, I go a bit through the same taking part of it into iTunes .

    DJ GRE

    Most times, just like a big purchase, I usually sleep on my tracks for a day, re listen and see if there was something worthwhile or if I was just “in a mood”. Sometimes I’ll listen to a playlist and really listen – after the preview I think – can I remember anything from that track? Melody, interesting beat? If I can’t remember anything I take it off.

    Phil Morse

    I also try and sort them into piles – say of your 80, you have 5 or 6 styles. Then you can pick the best 4 or 5 from each “style”.


    1) Will I play this for months? or just a few times and then move on?

    2) Is this something I think is cool, but most crowds I get in front of won’t like it?

    3) Does this track sound like 10 other tracks I had gotten in the past? or is it unique?

    4) If you’re picking up multiple remixes of a tune, which one will you really play the most? Eliminate the others.

    I also agree with GRE. Sleep on it, then listen again. Sometimes the next day a track that was “wow” to you ends up being “eh”.

    I also notice sometimes that DJs will want to buy the “DJ Tools” of tracks along with the track. I would tell many who have to whittle down a list that unless you really are going to passionately use it, dump the DJ Tools/Accapellas. I have loads of them from my past, but I really don’t use them very much.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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