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    Angus Johnston

    Ok. So I have a XDJ-RX and a Pioneer RMX 500 unit. I understand that because of the output/inputs on the XDJ-RX when I use the 500 the effects wont come out on any recordings.

    Thats not an issue for me. However now I have been offered a chance to play for an online station-and Im struggling to get an output onto my desktop (I need to get an output because the show is live streamed)

    I tried USB A-B connector from the back of the XDJ-RX into my desktop and the deck was picked up on my desktop but there was no output. Rekordbox picked up the XDJ-RX as did audacity. But when I played music nothing showed.

    I suspect this is because the output is routed through the RMX 500?

    So I plugged that cable directly into the RMX500 unit and again no output and both Audacity and Rekordbox didnt recognise or show the XDJ-RX or any source for that matter.

    Where am I going wrong. This is driving me nuts!


    Take a closer look at Yamaha MG03 or MG06, they are marketed as webcasting mixers and might be just what the doctor ordered. Giving you high-quality sound for your streaming software at a very decent price.


    Peter Lindqvist

    You could try routing your sound through a computer. Just use the rca master out on the RX. Make sure you raise the level on the audio input channel. If you have your computer connected to a couple of decent speakers it should do the trick. Now you can send the incoming sound to where you want it. I’ve used a setup like this in more than 15 years and it has always worked perfectly. I have an older dedicated computer for this still running Win XP and the programs I use for capturing the sound is as old. If it works, don’t fix it 😉 . I’ve also tested this solution with my laptop running Win 10/Audacity. It’s important that your sound card have a line in connection. The ”mic in” will not give you a good sound quality and is not an option. In some laptops Line in/Mic in is shared and then you have to do the settings in the software provided for the sound card.

    If you’re also gonna use a mic, rec out on the mixer is not an option anyway, as it will only send what comes from the channels. Using master out will send everything you can hear in your speakers. If you have active monitors, connect them as usual to the XLR out. In my case I have a YAMAHA stereo amplifier as a audio hub where I connect my computers to. My DJM-900NXS2 is connected via the Rca Master Out to my recording computer, that is connected to the YAMAHA. I have other mixers, analogue ones, I use too, so I see no point in using any other solution for recording audio. It’s perfectly fine to mix to the sound that comes from your computer if you don’t have active monitors connected to your RX. Nothing to worry about.



    @Vintage it’s AG, not MG. MG is different lane from Yamaha. You once recommended it for me and I bought the 06 and I’m super happy with it. I was so pleased I even got the smaller 03 for my girlfriend.

    So yeah +1 for Yamaha AG03/06! (I used to record XDJ-RX+RMX 500 setup with it too, btw!)

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    <Bunch of dumb stuff deleted LOL>

    Yes, indeed! I stand corrected. It’s the AG you want for webcast purposes. The AG is the regular Analogue one.

    What WAS I thinking (hard day at the office I guess). Thanks for the correction!

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