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    Newbi DJNewbi

    Hey folks,

    i have been playing around with mixxx for djing at private parties for a bit. to have more fun, i recently bought one of these old school vestax vci 100 controllers … the only thing that still really sucks with my setup is the low quality of my build in laptop soundcard …

    so i have been looking around for used stuff (as a start, as i said, this is only a hobby for me) and found either the ni audio kontrol 1 or the ni audio 2 to be reasonably priced (both around 50€). Are there any big differences between the two devices with regards to drivers, latency or quality of sound? The audio 2 seems to be rather simple and suited mostly for dj ing plus I do not really trust these small earplug sockets with the kontrol 1 having far more outputs and inputs of higher quality (the sockets), a seemingly better build quality plus more versatility in the direction of recording music etc …

    But are there differences regarding the internal chips with regard to latency and sound quality? Another aspect would be driver compatibility for Linux as I am trying to stay away from windows stuff.

    So, any experiences and tips around?



    You are trying to get that magical thing in audio, quality for (nearly) free 🙂

    The Audio Kontrol 1 is primarily aimed at (home) producers, it has a mic input/preamp and such and the outputs (4 for 2 stereo channels) are Jack, which is rather unpractical. The sound quality is high. I think it’s a 24-bit/192KHz sound card.

    More importantly though, is the way you want to hook things up. If you want to keep using the headphones through the controller, you would only need a 2-channel (1 stereo) USB soundcard. The one that gives you output to your speakers. This will only work if you can set things up properly in your DJ software.

    If you were to use the Audio 2, which is more geared towards DJ purposes and doesn’t have the quality sound card of the Kontrol 1 but should sound fine for the purpose (CD quality track playback), you could hook up both speakers and headphone to it, with less setup problems.

    As for Linux drivers … well …

    Hope that helps some.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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