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    DJ Kouk

    Hello to all of you. I am a big fan of you, that’s why I am seeking help here. I was using Numark Mixtrack pro 3 with Serato DJ intro. I decided to upgrade, so I bought yesterday from a London DJ store the Numark NVII. I registered my gear on the Numark web site and I downloaded the Serato DJ (I think it’s the full version). After that I downloaded the latest drivers for the NV ll which I think is the 1.0.5. The problem is that my laptop does not recognise the NV ll. When I plug it in the USB writes “failed” and the controller only shows the logo of the NV ll on the screens.
    -Do you think my laptop is old? (It has i3 intel, 4gb ram and Windows 7)
    -What shall I do?
    I am desperate and disappointed. I am about to return it back.
    Please help me


    This sounds very much like a driver problem with your PC and not the fault of the controller.
    Your PC, while low specced, should be able to do at least basic things in Serato, however old laptops also have the problem that usually a lot of stuff is installed on them that clutters the drivers.
    So my guess is you should do a clean install, only install the absolutely necessary drivers for the laptop and then install the Numark drivers.
    Also read the manual carefully, even with the Numark drivers installed you still may need an additional ASIO driver.

    Alternatively if your laptop is certified I usually recommend Windows 10 for Windows DJs.

    DJ Kouk

    Thank you very much for the answer. Yesterday I uninstalled Serato and all drivers of the Numark. I installed them again and nothing happened. Where can I find additional asio drivers?

    Marvin The Martian

    ASIO can be found on asio4all.com website. I agree with Terry – I have the same controller, bought in November 2016. I’ve used it with my previous Windows laptop with Windows 10 Pro on it and with ASIO installed and it was working good (actually, even better than now with Macbook). When controller was bought, I did all the steps like manual and Numark website recommends to do.

    But I’m not sure about upgrading to Win 10 in your case – 4gb of ram may not be enough for Win 10 and Serato DJ.

    Also on Numark website you can find Troubleshooting Connection Issues on Windows.

    DJ Kouk

    Ok then. I will look for asio drivers. Does it matter if my pc has only usb2 and not usb3?also does it matter if I do not have proper internet connection? ( I live in an accommodation at the moment so for example YouTube is blocked by them). I mean does it affect the compatibility?

    DJ Kouk

    Also an important thing that I noticed, is that when I put the controller in a usb port (with latest drivers installed) it writes on the screen that it is failed to work, though it recognises the controller

    Marvin The Martian

    I don’t think that ports matters. At least, I was using usb2 port on my previous laptop. The internet connection can be required when you connecting your controller for the first time, but I’m not sure about it.

    Use Numark`s Troubleshooting Connection Issues on Windows on their website. Maybe you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall again usb drivers and integrated audio drivers.


    Indeed, USB port 2.0 will work just fine. Well, it should anyway.

    As for Windows 10, I find that if your laptop runs Win7 without problems it should run Win10 also.

    What you could try, depending on how handy you or any of your friends are with computers, is to make your laptop dual boot. So you will have a startup option for a clean windows that you use only for DJ-ing. Don’t put anything else on it except the drivers for the controller and your DJ software.

    DJ Kouk

    This sounds hard to me! I will go tomorrow to the store and ask them to set it up for me. Otherwise I will get another controller. And the funny thing is that I cannot find where is the incompatibility!

    Todd Oddity

    An older i3 with only 4 gigs of ram is not a lot of power for a DJ system, let alone one trying to power external screens. Controllers with screens take a lot more juice than others, and put a lot more strain on the system.

    Is it officially supported? Yes. But it might not be enough, especially if as others have pointed out, you have a lot of other things on your computer.

    Side note: asio4all is terrible. Use the Numark supplied ASIO drivers, not asio4all.


    Don’t tell me the NVII is USB-Powered, Todd?

    DJ Kouk

    Hello again guys. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it! I found a few days ago what was the problem. And to be honest the guys from the store found it! I accidentally disabled all Windows updates that’s why it couldnt match with the latest drivers!


    Glad you got it fixed

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