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    Eddie Elliott

    Hi guys, I’m an old reader but, new poster. My first DJ gig was 95′. DJ’d vinyl and CD’s years ago but life got a bit hectic in early 2000 so I put it all away. A couple years ago I picked up Mobile DJ’ing and haven’t stopped since. With nearly 30 bookings a year and 2 Houston area magazine features I feel I’m back in my old groove. The world has certainly changed from back then however I like it.
    Look forward to conversations and learning more through you guys,.
    I just recently started blogging.
    I’m a teacher for a local university so I have a tenancy to teach, so the blogs are my way of just talking about what I’ve learned.
    is just one of my recent blogs.

    I’ve also recently started gig logging on youtube. just for one example https://youtu.be/7zRiHAFKsGg

    One thing I’ve noticed in the DJ realm is much like other forums it can be very critical. I believe DJ’s forget what it’s rooted around maximizing the clients/crowd level of a good time. No doubt I have seen brilliant people on this site as well as others. The reason I like it here is it simply is not full of grumpy old DJ’s that refuse to change and adapt with times.
    Thanks for having me around.

    Lauren Andio

    Thanks for being here Eddie! 🙂


    Hi and welcome to the forums, Eddie.

    I believe you will find this one of the least judgemental or critical forums around. We try to run a tight ship and don’t tolerate deviation from the posting guidelines, which are all about making this place a pleasant space for (digital) DJs, any age, gender or experience level.

    Enjoy your time here!

    Scott O’Toole

    Hey Eddie, thanks for being a part of the community.

    It’ll be great to have your expertise in here, I read your post on millennial weddings and learnt a lot!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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