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    Marco Solo

    So I’ve got my regular sathurday night gig coming up next weekend and I thought it would be nice to add some oldskool tunes. I’ve already got quite a few, but I’d be interested if you guys have more you think will do the trick.

    I’m looking for tunes in the likes of:
    Faze Action – In the Trees
    Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb it In
    Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
    Kid Unknown – Nightmare
    Phenomania – Who is Elvis
    Prodigy – Charly
    Tiga – Sunglasses at Night (not strictly oldskool as it’s a lot newer, but fits in nicely)

    Stuff like that.

    Let me know!

    Alex Moschopoulos

    “Old School” comes in many shapes and forms.

    Do you have any specifics? Like “how old”? Genres? Anything so I can give you suggestions?

    Your list is all over the place.

    Marco Solo

    For instance early nineties house or techno. While I was born in ’89 so I was around at the time, I wasn’t consciously there yet 😛 So things that may be obvious to you may be new for me.
    Hope that helps.

    Alex Moschopoulos

    Here are playlists for the last three old school mixes I’ve done. I’ve bolded stuff I’d tell you to prioritize on…hope this helps.

    • KLF – What Time Is Love?
    • Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia
    • Radioactive – The Eliminator
    • RTZ Belgium – Dance Your Ass Off
    • Cubic-22 – Night In Motion
    • Rabbit City – Digital Domain
    • DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven
    • SL2 – DJ’s Take Control
    • The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place
    • Guru Josh – Infinity
    • Wishdokta introducing Mental Collapse – Wholesome Pills
    • Electroset – How Does It Feel?
    • Outlander – Vamp
    • Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives
    • Human Resource – Dominator
    • Intellect – Pick ‘Em Up
    • Happy ’92 – Ta Ta Ta
    • X-Force – Dead Pool
    • Phenomania – Who Is Elvis?
    • Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus
    • Trashman – Cosmotrash
    • Alpha Team – Speed
    • Smart E’s – Sesame’s Treet
    • Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
    • Altern-8 – Activ-8
    • RAF – We Gonna Get
    • Ka-22 – Metamorphism
    • T-99 – Anastasia
    • N-Trance – Set You Free
    • Fargetta – The Music is Movin’
    • Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody
    • Cappella – Take Me Away
    • N-Joi – Mindflux
    • Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
    • Mainx – 88 to Piano
    • Ultimate Seduction – Ultimate Seduction
    • LA Style – James Brown Is Dead (Razormaid Mix)
    • The Sperminator – Uptempo
    • Technoland – Yo Te Quiero
    • Hole In One – X-Paradise
    • Speedy J – Pullover
    • The Maxx – Nic Nac
    • RTZ Belgium – In The Name of Love
    • 2 Unlimited – Magic Friend
    • 2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone
    • 2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This
    • SL2 – On a Ragga Tip
    • SL2 VS The Beatles – Jude On A Ragga Tip
    • Force Mass Motion – VNE
    • Bizarre Inc – Such a Feeling
    • Second Phase – Mentasm
    • DHS – House of God
    • Ultimate Seduction – House Nation
    • Tomahawk – Power Move
    • Mig-29 – Mig-29 (Love Mix)
    • Apotheosis – O Fortuna (Razormaid Mix)
    • Noys – Ave Maria
    • Rhythm Control – My House (Accapella)
    • 3B and the Brotha D – Rock The House (Hyped Up Hip-House Mix)
    • The Lincoln Boys – Check It Out (Sample Mix)
    • Petra & Co – Just Let Go (Extended)
    • MC Magic Max – I Don’t Want Your Love (Another Version)
    • Brothers In Rhythm – Such A Good Feeling (Inspiration Delight Mix)
    • Journey Into Sound Featuring M.C. X – Pump It Up (Yeah Baby!) (In Your Face Mix)
    • Fast Eddie – Most Wanted (Julian ‘Jumpin’ Perez Mix)
    • The Bass Boyz – Lost In The Bass (’89 Mix)
    • Bad Boy Bill – I Can’t Wait For Love
    • DSK – Work My Body Over (Sweat)
    • 49ers – Touch Me (Sexual Version)
    • Cappella – House Energy Revenge (Extended Remix)
    • Black Box – Strike It Up
    • ATC – It Ain’t Over (Extended Mix)
    • White Knight – Gonna Jack (Club)
    • Terry Baldwin (Housemaster) featuring Bud Latour – Do You Wanna Dance?
    • House People – Godfather Of House (Club Mix II)
    • Colm III – Take Me High (Mansion Mix)
    • S’Express – Mantra For A State Of Mind
    • Starlight – Numero Uno (Club Mix)
    • S.S.R. – To Be House
    • Mr. Lee – Get Busy (Club Mix)
    • Reese – You’re Mine
    • 2 In A Room – Wiggle It (The Club Mix)
    • Daisy Dee – Crazy (Dizzy Mix)
    • Deee-Lite – Good Beat (Extended Mix)
    • Royal House – Party People (Club Rub Dub Rub)
    • Brainstorm – Rock The House
    • Inner City – Big Fun
    • M|A|R|R|S – Pump Up The Volume

    And dont forget the classic acid house :

    Josh Wink – Higher state of conciousness

    Some other top of my head:

    Armand Van helden – Funk Phonemena
    CJ Bolland – Sugar is sweeter (armand van helden mix)
    Pete Heller – Big Love
    Robin S – Show me Love <– timeless
    Junior Jack – My feeling


    Rather than make a straight recommendation, I thought I would mention something that I’ve found which is great for discovery – there’s a site called “plug.dj” which is a kind of social room where people take turns DJing a song in the room’s theme, basically just playing YouTube or SoundCloud links. I have found this to be very useful for discovering music in particular genres that I haven’t heard (and, for folks who produce music in those categories, it is also a great way to market yourself and increase your hit count).

    Marco Solo

    Cool, thanks for the recommendations. I’ve seen some stuff I already have, which means the rest must be kind of simmilar. I’ll definitely check out plug.dj, it sound like a nice one.

    brian quigley

    Here are some of my favorites from the 90s old skool house sound:

    Eagles Prey – Tonto’s Drum – Darren Emerson Remix
    Gypsy – I Trance You
    The Delorme – Beatniks – Dharma Bums Mix
    Shi-Take – (In the age of) Perfect Virtue
    Havanna – Shift
    Semi Real – People Livin’ Today
    K & M – Funk and Drive

    Also check out the Zoom label and Black Science Orchestra.

    Are you looking for these in digital format? If you are, I would be interested in where you find them. I had a project running where I was trying to create mp3s out of my vinyl collection, and the results are not great. The newer digitally encoded tracks are much more fun to mix on a digital mixer than a vinyl to mp3 track.

    Silvercue Master

    joey beltram energy flash /end of message

    brian quigley

    @ D-Jam Thanks for the input! Good stuff. My question still remains – how do vinyl djs make it digital?

    Alex Moschopoulos

    Right now, I’d tell you to look over the MP3 stores. Surprisingly much of the old school is resurfacing on other labels by the artists themselves due to copyrights expiring.

    If you can only fins a tune on vinyl, then most of us just hook up a turntable and record the vinyl I to the computer. If you have no turntable, then see if someone in your town might do it for you.


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