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    Simon Parker

    Hi all

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows what this problem is or has had similar?

    Saturday I worked a relatively small festival – got there and the sound and kit was spot on – Pioneer 2000’s (unfortunately I didn’t think about looking at which model) with Rekordbox showing on the screen. I’d carried a lot of music in on USB sticks and inserted one in each deck (I believe they were linked but never having used this kit – I’m normally laptop and controller set up – wasn’t aware that they could be).

    After a while Deck 1 started acting up – I could scroll through the tunes and I could check it in my headphones and cue it but no matter what I did when I hit play it would skip back to the last successfully queued and played track even though I’d loaded it ready to play. Luckily I had some CD’s burned as well as a back up because I didn’t know what I’d be playing on so I managed to get through my sets. I should say Deck 2 never had this problem throughout.

    I chalked this up to user error and thought no more until yesterday when I got told another one of the dj’s on after me on same rig had exactly the same problem. I’m trying to understand what happened and still think user error may play into it – could it be that two USB sticks in linked decks was confusing the system? Was it the Rekordbox scrolling tunes not prepared on Rekordbox software?

    I’d really appreciate any help with this one – the decks were great but Deck 1 did give me grey hair and a potential heart attack.

    thanks in advance



    Phill Renyard

    The first thing that comes to mind is that autocue may have been off; this would have meant that once you load a new tune it would have started playing straight away & no new cue point would have been set. If you then press the cue button while it’s playing it would’ve jumped back to the cue point on the previous track. If auto cue was active on the right hand deck the tune would have not played straight away when you loaded it. To toggle autocue on or off you need to press and hold down the Time Mode button. Might this be the problem?


    Simon Parker

    Hi Phil

    thanks very much for that – it makes sense and I’ll give that a go next time I’m on those decks. One thing that still puzzles me is why would this issue kick in after a few tunes played successfully? That happened to me and the other dj in the same manner – all went fine for say three or four tunes then we could get past the queuing issue.

    It just seemed odd that this pattern happened to us both – if it had been from the start I could have understood this more.

    In any event thanks for the idea Phil and I will definitely look into that. It was the first time I’d worked on linked decks and I wasn’t warned beforehand. As hard as I look so far I haven’t managed to find anything anywhere talking about this issue.

    thanks for coming back on this – much appreciated



    One tip is to set all the options for the decks in advance in RekordBox and save those to your USB stick too. When you plug it in, it will ask if you want to load those personal settings. Say yes and all is well, repeat for other deck. That way you know both players have the same settings.


    Simon Parker

    thanks Vintage

    much appreciated – great idea that makes total sense, I’ll remember that for next time.

    Thanks for coming back on this


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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