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    I would like to help me decide which controller should I buy. I have come across with the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 and the Numark Mixtrack Platuinum as I want a controller to have gain/trim knobs for each channel and volume meters. I haven’t used scratch yet with any other controllers so I don’t need it for scratching. The review of the DDJ-SB2 fulfilled my needs but I saw the new Numark controller and I got stucked. Can you please someone help with any knowledge of the new Numark DJ controller, so as to decide which one I should buy?

    Thanks for any help

    All Murray

    Out of the two I would lean more towards the DDJ-SB2, i currently own it’s brother the RB, and for the price it’s a great little controller.

    I’ve also had numark gear in the past which was the CD mix 3 and had nothing but problems with it from the minute i got it out the box.

    For reliablity i would definitly go the Pioneer route, my old CDJ 800 MK2’s were still like new when i gave them away 2 years back.


    Every company can have a lemon now and then. In my 20+ years DJing I could tell you some stories about CDJs and their biggest failures that Pioneer do not want you to know 😉

    Now for the SB2 and Platinum: Both controllers are about on par in terms of build quality, as both Pioneer and Numark have those models made in China, but in a good factory. Now it all depends on which layout you prefer as they can do pretty much nearly the same.
    So actually I would get high-res pics of the controllers and look which one is more appealing to you. The Serato integration is excellent with both and it is small things like the displays in the jogs on one side and effects cross on the other that make little differences.
    So we cannot give you a definitive suggestion here from the staff, but you cannot go horribly wrong either way. They are both good controllers and will get the job done even in harsh live environments.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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