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    A friend of mine just bought a set of Pioneer s-dj60x monitors which he plans to use to mix at home, but he also wants to use them when he gives a small party. I told him monitors aren’t meant to be used as speakers for a sound system. Am I right, or do the Pioneers give good enough sound for a small party?


    They might work for a bit, but he definately will kill the speakers. Also monitors are very directional, so there will be OK sound directly in front of the speaker, but it will sound terrible in the rest of the room.

    So summary:
    – bad sound quality for non studio rooms or not sitting directly in front of them
    – will prolly kill the speakers


    Hi Terry,
    My thoughts exactly, but I guess my friend is a big boy, he has to learn from his own mistakes. He has ordered the speakers, so I’ll be going to his place soon to give them a testrun…


    Also monitors are tuned for “honest” sound (i.e. flat frequency response), while this is not the most comfortable tuning for prolonged listening at higher volumes.

    And, like most monitors, the conus of the speaker is not protected, so changes of being touched/damaged are substantial.

    Other than that, you are right. As a dear friend always remarks: “Every person has a right to his own problems”.

    All Murray

    I would advise you’re friend not to use studio monitors for a party as there’s a large risk of the speaker cone becoming damaged and they aren’t really designed to be used as a mini pa system…

    Also they won’t provide much in the way of low end at high volume…

    I have the pioneer s-dj50x and while they are a decent monitor, they lack in the low end department…

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    I’m thinking, by now my friend has the monitors he ordered, so I’m gonna pay him a visit next week. He also bought a Pioneer SX controller with Serato, after using cd during all of his dj’ing carreer and being against ‘computer dj’s”. I’m curious to find out what his feelings are now since he became a Digital laptop dj…and if he still refuses to use the Sync button. For me Sync changed the way I dj, making life easier, using loops alot more, etc.

    Thx for all the advice !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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