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    Anthony Lewis

    Hi all,

    So I came up playing House and Trance, however recently I started doing more mobile work. I have some pool subscripions so I get some good remixes with intro/outro’s and some songs without. My question is, even with the dj friendly remixes the bpm ranges vary. I find myself in need of transitioning from say a song with a 117bpm to one with a 128bpm as an example. I feel sometimes just cutting from one to the other doesn’t sound good(probably because of my house and trance background). Any help would be great.

    Thanks all!!

    DJ Vintage

    Cuts and drops can work great, echo transitions could do. There has been a series of posts on the subject here a couple of months ago about that though. Might want to try the search function.


    117 to 128 isn’t that drastic, it’s about a 10% bpm shift. If you’re playing remixes the listeners won’t be as familiar with how the music is goes and are more forgiving about bpm shifts.

    What I would do is split the difference and during the outro of the outgoing song creep up the pitch by about 5% over about 10 seconds. I would pitch the incoming song down about 5% with keylock on so only the bpm changes and slowly bring it in. Let it ride and on the drop for the outgoing song (or quickly cut the volume on the outgoing song at the end of a phrase) snap the ingoing song back to normal pitch.

    Alternatively, fit in some songs with a bpm in between the two and beatmatch as you move through the bpm range. A bpm change of less then 5% won’t be noticed much and you can slowly shift the bpm back to normal as the song plays.


    Don’t know if this helps (haven’t seen the vid my self) but hopefully it will
    Ellaskins has plenty of good dj tutorials 😉
    And you don’t always have to change one track from 117bpm to 128pbm
    You could for example bring up the 117 track to 124 and lower the bpm on the 128 track to 124 while still playing
    Thou you need to lower the bpm slowly so it doesnt sound wierd and use keylock so the key doesnt change

    (sry for my bad english- Born and raised swede 😛 )

    Anthony Lewis

    Thanks guy’s for taking the time to respond with some great tips. @UCF- Your english is fine!I was born and raised here in NYC and i’m not even sure I speak correctly. LOL

    DJ Vintage

    mmm … I must be (too) old skool. But general idea (at least for me) is to keep BPM swings within 2-3 % on either deck. A total difference of 6% is about max. I’d ever do (exceptions excepted of course 🙂 ).

    Contrary to popular belief, people DO notice speed increases of the magnitude of 5 BPM in 10 seconds, perhaps not consciously, but they will notice something is off. Just my observation, feel free to disagree.

    Another, more technical reason, is that the bigger the BPM difference the harder the key lock has to work. And that actually does get audible at some point.

    Finally, we notice slower more than we notice fast. So bringing in the new tracks at 5-6% below normal will also sound a bit off.

    Again, just my ears.

    Anthony Lewis

    I agree with you Vintage, I was messing around with the pitch faders last night and did notice an audible difference in the sound. I use serato DJ and have Pitch & time. This audible difference is what prompted me to start this thread.


    Because I play a lot of 70’s & early 80’s soul/disco the beat is not always consistent so not always possible to do a mix. I also get taken in different directions by requests. Sometimes just banging a new tune in on the 1st beat works. Also, with that genre anyway, big BPM shift from say a 80’s dance at 124 to a well known Philly track at 112, just before the vocal hook, can work well.


    Yea I’m with Vintage on this one, smaller BPM changes are better. Instead of trying to go straight from 117 -> 128 try playing another track or two that are around 120, then 124ish etc. From club to wedding gigs, I prefer to play a set that starts at about 70, climbs right up to 140 and sometimes beyond if I think the dance floor will go for a bit of d&b or some such haha

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