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    Writer Guy

    I’m not a DJ. I’m a fiction writer who knows jack-all about DJing. I’m looking at writing a story about a DJ but I clearly have no idea where to start. Found this site by googling various questions about DJing. If anyone here could shoot me any information about their lifestyle, stories from gigs, setups, cliches, whatever else, that would be hella dope. I hope this is the right forum to drop this inquiry in. I mean, it is DJ related so I figured it fits.

    Specifically, I’d like some information from female DJs; any specific experiences, difficulty entering the profession, above question, etc. Any information would be amazing. You all seem like kind and talented people and I want to make sure I represent the profession as adequately as I can. If this isn’t an appropriate place to ask this sort of thing, let me know and I’ll see myself out. Thank you for your time.


    I would suggest sending a mail to @digitaldjtips.com">info@digitaldjtips.com. They can help you get your request up on the Platinum DDJT Group on Facebook. I am quite certain your chances to find the info you need there are better.

    I’d gladly help, but being the old hand that I am, those would be old stories mostly as well as the old scene (although I am still active lol). Also I miss a few attributes in order for me to qualify as a female.


    I have a few DJane friends, so I can tell you at least a little out of my perspective:

    1. There are DJ females who only do it because they are attention whores. They mostly get hired only on their looks or status (Paris Hilton anyone) and do not really know about DJing. Hence a lot of male DJs or serious promoters do not take them serious and that is very hard for real female DJs to overcome, since nice tits will only get you so far…

    2. The real female DJs have the same problems as most females in a male driven work environment. They have to prove even more that they can indeed keep up and deliver to the crowd and they have to overcome the prejudice that they only get hired because of looks or status (see above) and are truely into DJing as a profession and not a way to get attention. Also like most entertainment industries the promoters and producers can be VERY harsh, which is sometimes borderline for any male DJ to put up with, but I have seen some female DJs not being able to handle the verbal abuse and pressure.

    Lastly I would point you towards DJ FreshFluke, she is one of the best female DJs I know and you should read her story (on her homepage).

    Writer Guy

    It’s been months, and I apologize for that (worrying about college and then being glad that the semester was over). I’m still having a hard time finding information, I couldn’t find anything about DJ FreshFluke. When I pitched an email to the website/facebook, they told me to take it here (the forums). Obviously, kinda back at square one, so I figure I better start from the ground up.

    I wouldn’t mind any information including “old stories” from the “old scene.” I plan on writing my story about a “resident DJ,” I believe the term is, so maybe hearing about the old scene would be more useful. Particularly, I want to know what a standard daily routine looked like in that period. Also, general terms for things like your rig/deck (I honestly have no clue what it’s called), titles of various people you worked with and types of personalities commonly encountered, stess-levels, small things like that.

    If anyone else comes across this post (unlikely considering how old it is), feel free to answer the above questions.


    Sure, I’ll answer what questions you might have.

    Writer Guy

    Ugh, the last post deleted itself. Whatever.

    Okay, I just needed to know the stuff I mention in that last comment. Stuff like terms and daily routine and etc.

    Alex Moschopoulos

    I always tell many to hit up Dani Deahl – http://danideahl.com/

    She’s an authority on many things DJ.

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