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    Neil Lowdon


    I’m using a DDJ-RR Rekorbox (all firmware and drivers up to date).

    When i’m playing tracks everything starts off fine then randomly the sound crashes into a high pitched interference (almost mosquito or dial up modem like) and slows right down.
    I can vaguely hear the track in the background.
    In the build up to this crash there are intermittent ‘clicks’ in the sound quality too.

    I’m pretty sure it only happens mid mix although I could be wrong.

    I’ve checked the laptop resources and at no point are any of the parameters (CPU, RAM etc) under any strain.

    I’ve increased the buffer size to max and this makes no difference.
    I’ve also tried purchasing a dual usb ‘Y’ cord to make sure the link between controller and laptop are sufficient.

    Please help !!


    What you describe would make me consider latency problems first. I don’t see any use for anything but a regular USB cable. There is NO reason your normal single USB 2 cable shouldn’t function properly.

    Might want to find a friend with RekordBox (or just with a fast laptop that he’ll let you install RB on) and try that with your controller. It would eliminate the laptop as the problem of the source if the symptoms persist.

    Frederick Masters

    Even though the DDJ-RR can be USB port powered, please tell me that you are using the external 12V adapter?

    Frederick Masters

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    Neil, <inappropriate text deleted> when you ask for help on a forum, you should reply back.
    Others reading this might have the same problem

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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