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    Dj JazzyPete

    Just got a copy of Albeton Live 9 and looking at doing my own remixes and edits for my Dj sets .. not really sure what to do from here and if My Controller or my Serato software has any part in the process . Bit lost on how to do this in Albeton .

    Glorina Julian

    Here are my two cents. Not sure how familiar you are with Ableton so if it comes off sounding simplistic and obvious, apologies in advance.

    If any of the songs you are trying to remix have live drums, learn to use the warp markers throughout the song to make them consistent so that they line up and are synced to the BPM so for example, if you were to play a 4 to the floor house beat behind a Nirvana/Led Zeppelin song, they’d match up and wouldn’t drift. This would be a non-issue if all of the songs you’re remixed have electronic beats.

    In arrangement view (hit Tab key on Apple to switch from Session to Arrangement view), you can drag your song file there. And what’s convenient about Ableton vs software such as Audacity is instead of slicing and dicing the part you want to repeat, here, you can just drag the file shorter to the exact part you want. So let’s say you wanted to extend the intro four times. Just shorten the track to that intro part, then duplicate (CMD D) four times. I’m sure there are other ways to do this but I’m used to using Ableton this way. Where instead of making permanent edits, I just drag the file to whatever edit size I want.

    As I type this, I know there’s probably a way to set cue points on the waveform and maybe just trigger those cue points similar to how Serato Flip does it (sorry, I don’t have Serato but I’ve seen tutorials) so if you’re used to that workflow, maybe do a search on setting cue points in Ableton as that might be another option for you.

    Hope this helps!


    Log In to your Ableton Live account. Go to your “my Ableton” page. Click on “first steps with Ableton”.
    Do the first steps video and know your way around.
    Click on the “how to remix 101” video and do that.

    You should know your way from there.

    Dj JazzyPete

    Thanks Terry ,GK that all really helps 🙂


    Also check out the awesome guide by Joey here in DDJT, perfect for getting familiar yourself with Ableton


    Glorina Julian

    Man, I just went through this right now for the last few days. Did you take the digital dj tips editing online course? (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) They use Audacity but you can use the core concepts in Ableton. For warping, these two videos in particular helped me a lot:

    Dj JazzyPete

    Thanks guys ..I also have Audacity .. what do you think about remixing in that program ? Yeah that course looks good .


    Audacity isn’t great for remixing – you can do it, but expect to exert a lot of extra effort for a result that isn’t as good as what you can get in Ableton.

    The best thing you can do with Ableton is take its tutorials and watch the millions (I’m not even positive I’m exaggerating with that number) of videos about using Ableton available on YouTube.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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