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    Cameron Baker

    Hello everyone,

    I recently started DJing and invested in some speaker equipment for the house parties that we throw on campus.
    Here is the equipment that I am working with.

    Controller: Pioneer DJ SB-2
    Software: Serato DJ Pro
    Speakers: 2x JBL EON615.

    I ordered the speakers and I ordered XLR to component cables as the red/white components are the only outputs on the SB-2. When I use this setup, sound only comes out properly through one speaker, and the other one is muffled. I am assuming it is due to unbalanced wiring.

    I have been trying to do a lot of research, but wiring and hardware confuses me, so I am looking for help on what kind of equipment and wiring I will need to use this controller with these dual speakers and to produce balanced, powerful sound?

    Any help would be appreciated, and if need be I can give someone my phone number if communication would be easier that way.



    The RCA cables are usually stereo (i.e. red for right/white for left). If you use PA speakers like you have, you’d have to split a regular cable in order to go to both left and right speaker.

    If you are using something like this now: http://www.simplifiaudio.com/speakers/images/dsp_rca2xlr.jpg you have the wrong cable.

    If you are using one of these: http://www.avacab-online.com/WebRoot/StoreES/Shops/63690703/51CA/CDE6/E611/D8EF/A34B/C0A8/29B9/37EF/CORDIAL-CFU-MC-Avacab.jpg you had to split this into two separate “mono” cables.

    That would make it look something like this: https://images.monoprice.com/productlargeimages/47771.jpg

    Never mind the male/female end in this pics (you need male to go into speakers) or gold connector (waste of money for PA). Just to show you the options.

    That said, you are right that going more than a few metres/yard, you should be using balanced cables.

    Good thing is there are some options for you:

    1) Unbalanced to balanced converter: http://artproaudio.com/isolators/product/cleanbox_pro/ This will not only give you balanced XLR outputs (they have a DTI box that does that too), but also changes the levels. RCA output levels are different than balanced output levels. These boxes fix that for you. They cost about 80 euro here.
    2) Get a small PA mixer. I am a big fan of the Yamaha AG and MG series. Go for the 6 channel options in your situation. You plug in your unbalanced controller, have an option for a backup music source, (more) microphones with some EQ/FX options, an option to also plug in a guitar (if you have a sing-a-song writer performing for example).
    The AG series has a built-in soundcard, so let’s you record or play stuff direct from a laptop too. AG06: https://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/sites/ymlv5.90/productimages/big/CAG06_e.jpg
    Pricing is about 130 euro. So 50 euro more gets you all the extra features. It would be my choice (I actually have an AG03 on my desktop hooked up to my computer and monitor speakers).

    Cameron Baker

    Thanks for the quick answer, DJ Vintage.

    So just so I make sure I have this right. If I purchase the unbalanced to balanced converter, than I would use RCA to XLR cable from the controller to the converter, and than XLR to XLR from the converter to the speakers and that will balance it and fix my speaker issues?


    Max Maxy

    Hi Cameron, following DJ Vintage’s advice you would go RCA from controller to RCA input on the ART converter and output XLR to XLR into speakers. There would be 1x XLR cable per speaker (left and right channel signals) giving you a stereo balanced signal into your speakers. With this setup you will have better sounding and louder output from your speakers and the ability to have the speakers further away from your controller without picking up any electronic interference or humm/buzz.


    <what Maxy said!

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