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    Dom Hodnett

    I’ve had a problem that has occurred twice this year and it’s starting to worry me. I’m DJ’ing and all’s going well and then suddenly Serato freezes on me. Last night I couldn’t even force quit Serato so I had to turn my laptop off and on again. I have a new Macbook Pro (bought earlier this year) with nothing on it bar my iTunes music and Serato and I have the Wi-Fi connection turned off when I DJ. I also recently downloaded the latest version of Serato DJ 1.7.6 which apparently has ‘bug fixes’. Thankfully last night was just at a friends party but I sometimes DJ at weddings and also most Saturday nights in a local bar (which was when it first happened which was embarrassing as I had a dance floor happening). My back up will be to run my mobile phone into my DJ controller in case this happens again so at least there is some music playing in case of wan emergency but I’ve paid good money for my software and hardware and this doesn’t seem satisfactory to me…

    Does anyone else experience this problem? Is there anything that can be done to minimise the risk of it happening again?

    Ed Platt

    I would try optimizing your mac…

    i tried it with my Sony Viao and sometimes have the odd worrying heart stopping freeze/hang proberly down to me using the internet or having something left running in the background.



    Never had this problem in 1.7.5 and 1.7.6, I think the last version I had a problem with was way earlier (like first release of DJ when I moved from Itch).

    Pete Lindemann

    Having major Serato freezing problems happening 4 or 5 times a gig random times . I just re analysed my files and it froze again without being plugged in to my controller .only way to get out of the freeze is to reboot.I have cleared any corrupted files atc but still have same issue ..
    using a Dell E6410. 500 mg HDD , 8 g memory .. not running virus programs etc ,windows 10 . Using Itunes for playlists .1500 songs .. 18 playlists .
    tried everything I can think of to fix the problem .. any thought’s thanks ..

    Karlton Bethea

    DJ Marcel,
    I feel your pain…one of the things I did to minimize freezing and drop out was to be sure my macbook pro was optimized for digital DJ’ing. There are a number of great ideas mentioned in one of my earlier posts named “Serato Crash and Burn” dated September 20, 2016. Additionally, make sure your macbook is “fast enough” for the software your running, I am running 8GB/500GB and have very few issues. Even though the machine is new, you should still optimize, there are probably several programs running that you aren’t aware of and close down. I would also look at all of my cables. Not all USB’s are created equally. Lastly, make sure your computers sleep setting is for never (this is a part of the optimization).

    Best of luck,

    Karlton Bethea
    aka “AntiQue”

    “IF Music Be The Food Of Love…Play On”
    -Billy Shakespeare

    Marvin The Martian

    I was thinking about moving from Traktor to Serato, but now I got full Serato DJ version to try and its awful. It runs (when loading) much slower than Traktor. And I have about a 1500 songs Traktor library, while Serato library have 12 songs. I wonder how it will be when there will be 1500…. While with Traktor its like – run the program and you good to go in next 10 sec time, with Serato i need to wait from 1 minute and up…And its looks like Serato is optimized for OS, not for Windows. So far I’m disappointed with the ‘flagship tru-djs-software’. I think I’m not ready to deal with freezes and instability just for more correct bpm detection….Just don’t see any advantages over Traktor or MixVibes Cross by far…Both of them looks and feels better than Serato. I might be wrong, but its a first look…
    My system:
    8gb Ram
    1tb Evo SSD
    Win 10 Pro.

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