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    Rory Fackrell

    Hey guys

    so my entire music collection is analyzed with Platinum Notes 4 and then run through Mixed In Key 7 which, although i’m no expert, seems very accurate. With Serato releasing 1.8, I was wondering how their key detection algorithm stacks up accuracy wise?

    Do i now need to keep two different archives, one analysed with MIK and the other Serato? Does Serato overwrite existing key info in the tag?

    I use MIK Flow and MashUp for fiddling with when i’m pressed for time and Serato/NS7III for when i get some peace and quiet so am keen to not f#*! up my libraries for either program.

    Just as an aside, even between MIK’s Mixed In Key & MashUp, there are huge variations in key variations between the two programs, apparently due to different versions of the same algorithm


    Luke Butzen

    To answer your first question, that’s anybody’s guess. I know DJTT does a key detection program roundup and is planning on redoing it since Serato is doing it’s own key analysis now.

    To answer your last two questions, no.

    best of Luck!


    So far I cannot detect much difference in the key detected in Serato or MIK. I cannot say if it overwrites the tag as I have my MIK set to only write the key into the comment field.

    Rory Fackrell

    Thanks guys

    DJ Mixing In Style

    Its interesting to see that I had received an email with Serato Movi g sale, and it was advertising Mixed In Key on thier website. So maybe Serato and MIK have gone in partnership for Serato key detection.


    I normally use MIK to analyse my tunes before importing them into Serato. The key appears in the key column but I also add this to my comments column too. I have nothing to compare them again, but I thought that I would re-analyse the tune BPM and keys I am preparing for my latest mix, as part of the new Serato update, and found that about 50% now show different keys. So I am a bit confused as to what is correct? Any ideas?

    DJ Vintage

    Well … with MiK being 95% correct, I’d venture a guess that most of the values returned by Serato are wrong.

    Theoretically your observation means that out of 100 tracks, of which 95% (at least) are correctly keyed, meaning only 5 can be wrong. You noticed that 50 now have a different key. Best case is that Serato got the 5 right that MiK got wrong. Leaving 45 tracks wrong.

    I had already decided that I will stick with MiK unless something else comes along with a 100% succes rate.

    Rory Fackrell

    Well, it would seem that Mixed In Key still reigns supreme although Serato 1.8 is coming up pretty fast….. Think for now I’ll be sticking with MIK but may make the switch in Serato 1.9…..


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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