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    Phil Sledge


    I’ll cut to the chase.

    Someone has audio ripped one of my mixes off MIxcloud and upload it to his own saying welcome to my new mix etc.

    Firstly should I be annoyed or say that’s life.

    Secondly do you think adding “dj drops” style effects will help ?

    Furthermore I have contacted him and he said “Everybody does it on here” which I would be shocked if true.

    Anyone else had something or similar happen to them ?

    Phil Sledge.

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    Wow seriously? I feel sorry for you 🙁 Yes definently you should be annoyed lol. I don’t used mixcloud myself so I dunno if that’s normal or not. What it is, is VERY DISREPECTFUL imo, not just towards to you but to whole DJ culture

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    All Murray

    That is awful bro, i feel for you, and yes you’re quite right to be annoyed…
    It’s stuff like this that makes me a video only person who wants do to his sets in front of a video camera…

    DJ Tucker

    Post a link to the mix, if it’s good enough to rip off it must be dope!

    Phil Sledge

    Just checkout my Mixcloud

    Lauren Andio

    Yikes Phil, sorry that’s happened. I mean, on one hand like alt.rock said, it’s a (very annoying) compliment…imitation is flattery etc etc. But honestly I’d be kinda pissed!

    Peter Lindqvist

    I have been in projects where this have happened a couple of times. Not my mixes but when supporting a good friend and producer as an adviser, it happened twice. One pure theft like what happened to you, and once where he was offered a partnership and asked to write and sing the vocals of an instrumental progressive EDM track. Fortunately he came to me for the ”judgement call” on the result, and I recognized the track as one of Maison & Dragen. It was a great vocal, but we reported the faker and got away before being dragged in to shame.

    While being flattered and angry at the same time, hang him out to dry. Put links to the scammer and tell everywhere what a fake he is, while also linking to your original mix. That way you can pick up some followers that he might have gotten on your behalf.

    Zachary Brasseaux

    take to twitter, link his mix and rally your people against him lol. I’ll help


    Contacting Mixcloud, tell them what’s happened and they should take it down. I think you have a right to be annoyed but as others have said it’s quite flattering to have your mixes imitated! Every cloud has a sliver lining and all that.


    I’d be PISSED. Flat out stealing someones work and presenting it like your own is .. well I don’t have words.

    Todd Oddity

    This is why I always keep just enough travel points on my credit card – in case I need to fly somewhere and introduce them to my friend Batty the Kneecap Buster!


    Just kidding. Sorta. 😉

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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