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    Karlton Bethea

    What Up!

    I hope this post finds everyone well and gearing up for a busy holiday season! I have been out and about, playing, practicing, learning something new almost everyday. All the DJ’s I am hanging with (including my mentor), are telling me to jump the Serato ship and “move up” to Traktor. They say it will make life easier behind the decks while performing because it locks into the beat better than Serato does. I only have one issue with this and need a little broader opinion. My style of playing incorporates a lot of older music, (with real instruments). Disco (Donna Summer, Ten City, Salsoul Orchestra, etc, and lots of acapellas/vocals) and I like to loop them and run them on my third deck. I understand Traktor is not really that good with music that has live instrumentation and older music that has variations in BPM throughout the track.
    Has anyone has any experience with this and is it even true? What happens with live instrumentation and varying BPM in Traktor? And lastly, is Traktor truly an upgrade over Serato or is it as I believe it to be…just user preference?

    Any advise would as always be greatly appreciated,

    AKA “AntiQue”

    “If Music Be The Food Of Love…Play On”
    -Billy Shakespeare


    Honestly I have never heard such bogus in my life.
    Serato is lightyears better than Traktor when it comes to beatgrid and beatmatching. The flexible beatgrid will detect variations in beat in older music, like 70s disco etc. and correct it automatically.
    Even with point breaks you cannot solve this in Traktor, the beatgrid in Traktor with those kind of songs is totally wrong in any of those tracks.

    Serato or Traktor is user preference and to some degree workflow decision only. None is better than the other.

    Serato has:
    – Beatgrid flex (what you need)
    – iZotope effects
    – effect chains
    – Flip Remix
    – Slicer

    Serato is more geared to live performance and “adhoc” remixing.

    Traktor has remix decks and stem support, however to operate this tracks need loads of prep work. Hence Traktor caters more to exact music (modern techno etc.) and users that like to prepare remixes rather than doing them live.

    As far as professional DJs go, Traktor and Serato share very equal marketshare, with Serato gaining more and more since Traktor is closing off its ecosystem very rapidly.
    Of course new entry Rekordbox is gaining popularity aswell, but is very very similar to Serato.

    So use what you feel comfy with and do never listen to idiots.

    Marvin The Martian

    Traktor forces you to beatmatch by ear while playing some old disco and funk =) And you will get it only for 99 Eur =))

    Im a Traktor user and have a full NI harware setup, but now Im seriously thinking to try Serato or MixVibes Cross because of flexible beatgrids and Recordbox sync. Just cannot deside which hardware to buy to use with both.

    DJ Vintage

    Regardless of the software you use, on average only 80% of your tracks will be able to be beat-gridded so that it can use sync and such. That and the fact that you may want to use tracks stored on other media than in your DJ software make it very good practice to learn how to manually beat-match. That said, if you use a lot of floating beat tracks and you want to use sync for all the obvious reasons as much as possible, then it pays to use software that can handle that kind of tracks the best.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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