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    Stavros Spartalis

    Years ago, I bought a Mixtrack Pro, which I’ve been using most on Karaoke and mobile gigs, part time, and fooling around at home. Software has been VDJ.

    Now I am itching to upgrade to something newer, same spec, or mid range. My candidates are below, please advise:

    a) Mixtrack Platinum: Love the screens, but do I need them? Supposed to work with VDJ and DJAY 2 on PC which I want to try.

    b) Gemini G2V/G4V. This is the one I really want especially for the price. Only thing that puts me off is that it is VDJ only and want to at least try other software. Might return to VDJ. Serato could not win me when I tried it, which was long ago.

    c) Pioneer DDJ SB2. Just because of recordbox, which I wanted to try, and compatibility with DJAY2 and VDJ. Short through pitch sliders putting me off though. Do they at least have an indent in the middle?

    D) Reloop Mixpad 2. Considering because of opening new worlds, for me, because of DJAy 2 on Android. Works with VDJ too but suspecting is overpriced for what you get compared to others. Am I wrong?

    I might be missing something here. If so please suggest… Basically I want something compatible with VDJ (which is not hard), that is good value for money, and might also open new paths for me… up to about 500 euros give or take.


    a) Mixtrack. Nice controller. Personally I find it went a little too wide, but that also means plenty of space in the layout. If the displays work with your DJ software, it’s handy to have this info (time, BMP, decknumber, key and such) close by. It means it’s easier to place your laptop more to the side rather than sitting in front of you.

    b) Not something I recommend. The only thing it has going for it (my personal opinion) is indeed the price. Other than that I don’t have very many good memories/experiences with their gear/service.

    c) DDJ-SB2. Been a long time entry in our suggested controller list. Solid.

    d) Mixpad 2. Think the price fits the unit. But I’ll gladly let other who own one explain why.

    You might consider upping your budget a bit, in which case you can include the Mixon 4.

    All just my 3 cents as usual.

    Todd Oddity

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the Mixtrack line, but I seem to go against the majority on that one.

    I can give a positive review of the SB2. One of the bars I work at installed one a few months ago and I’ve been surprised by it. It feels a little more solid than a lot of entry controllers (pads and buttons). Knobs and faders feel decidedly entry, but hey, for the price there has to be some compromise somewhere! Also, to answer your question, yes – the SB2 does have centre click on the pitch faders.

    Have fun shopping!

    Stavros Spartalis

    Dj Vintage, I am trying to justify getting the mixon. So much choice on that price range though. Also, will it not be heavy for mobile use? It looks big in the reviews. Mind you maybe in the future I might be able to save on the weight of the laptop, who knows. I bought Djay pro the other day for the pc. Just to try on my Mixtrack pro I and see if it is worth going the reloop way. Quite impressed but lacks substantial browser/playlist functionality.

    Still on the mixon, I wish the pitch sliders were longer. Something I hate on the mixtrack pro I. Do they have a click in the middle?

    So none supports the G2v/G4v. Let’s forget that one.


    I don’t know if they have a center indent (click) in the middle. We had a discussion on this particular feature over at the Denon forums a while back and the opinion seems to be split about 50/50 between wanting and not wanting the click. Effectively you see a few versions on gear:
    1) Only indent. Potential problem = less accuracy around the center as the fader might “fall” into the click right at the point you are trying to control.
    2) Indent plus LED. Adds visual indication to tactile (click) feedback
    3) Nothing. This is the cheapest option, with no tactile or visual indication
    4) Only LED. Just a light that goes on when you are in the middle. Unfortunately this solution often has a bit of a wide “sweet spot” where it comes on, but isn’t quite there yet.

    It all boils down to personal preference I guess. I personally don’t really care where the 0 sits, as I rarely mix around the 0 point and two tracks are hardly ever the exact same speed even if they are both labeled 128 bpm for example. In addition to that, with sync usage, your fader might sit at 0 where the actual speed is +/- something.

    As for price and such, I agree with you that there are other options, but what makes the Mixon different from just about everything else on the market is it Laptop/Tablet hybrid operation. It even supports the iPad Pro. As such it makes for a nice small package for mobile work. Drop the controller (on top) somehwere, slot the tablet in. No laptop stand, no extra space needed for the laptop. And at home you can hook up your laptop or desktop as you like and use just about any software out there (except Traktor and RekordBox I’d say) to experiment to your hearts content.

    All other controllers in it’s price range will need a computer/laptop to function properly, although some software will allow you (through the use of things like the Camera Connection Kit) to hook USB controllers up to it. But the choice is a lot narrower than using tablet-centric controllers.

    Not an easy choice, I will be the first to admit.

    As for the length of the faders, for me it depends on how often you use the fader (or if you use Sync a lot of the time) and what BPM range you use. Most software with the possible exception of Serato with Pitch’N’Time plugin doesn’t do to well with larger (+10%) bpm changes. So if you stick to 4-6% range, you actually have a pretty high resolution. Compare it to having a larger fader set to 10% and only using the first 40-60% of it’s length.

    Also don’t forget the Mixon 4 comes with a full version of Serato included (not Intro!) as compared to some of the other controllers out there. And things like separate volume control for your sample bank.

    So, best thing is to get your hands on one, bring your own laptop/tablet and have a go at it.

    Stavros Spartalis

    I am so confused by all this… Although the mixon4 seems like the obvious option because of djay2 android support, which I definitely want to try. I have been looking at controllers at that price range and cannot take my eyes off the denon mc7000. That is a lot of options for mobile djs should I choose to use them. Plus there is some pressure on algoriddim forums for djay native support of the mc7000, although, I very much doubt it will include android devices.

    On the other hand, apart from 4 decks what is the other main/groundbreaking difference between the mixon 4 and the beatpad 2? Am I missing/overseeing something here? Do I need 4 decks? I can only think of a couple of times when an idea came in my head while playing, where 3 decks would be required. But maybe I will use them if I have them I don’t know.

    Wish we had a local store where I could try all this. But no not locally. And most Djs I know locally are on pioneers.

    Stavros Spartalis

    Ok I see it now, beatpad 2 is not for serato, right?


    The Beatpad is really designed for tablet use (so primarily DJay/DJay Pro), where the Mixon is a hybrid for both PC/Laptop DJ software AND tablet use.

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