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    Rob S

    Ok bear with me on this one!

    So all I want to do is play techno every weekend. I’ve hosted the odd thing (alone and with friends), played the odd night here and there, but ultimately I just want to play out every week, and play the music I like. I’m not interested in the money or anything other than playing.

    I can’t seem to find any kind of venue that works for me for a regular thing, so I’m wondering if a way around it might be to rent a commercial unit and host private parties. No charging admission, no selling drinks, just invite only where we party and play music however we want.

    Some obvious pitfalls:
    -location dependent, someone would take notice and potentially call the police
    -safety/security (no specific, paid security)

    If IF you could find the right location to be left alone, invite only the right people, encourage “donations” to pay the rent/rates, you’re not technically doing anything wrong, are you?

    Alex Moschopoulos

    Your best bet is to find a venue where the owner’s revenue stream isn’t dependent on your numbers.

    Let’s be honest, any bar or club needs to make money from you bringing in people to pay money for drinks and what not. If they don’t see it happening, they’ll dump you. I remember around 2001 when a handful of venues dropped what were successful event promoters because they felt the direction of the club wasn’t ideal.

    Basically they got a packed room full of youth in slobby clothes, high on E (Molly), who bought maybe 1 bottle of water and continually refilled in the bathroom sinks all night. Thus the venue made little money on alcohol sales. The venue owners more wanted stylishly-dressed “pretty people” who bought alcohol…especially bottles.

    On a similar note, I recall one promoter who packed his club full of pretty young girls (many underage with fake IDs), and due to the lacking in numbers of men in the club, alcohol sales were bad. Most of those women expected men to buy them drinks, but there weren’t enough in the club to make that happen.

    So back to you. I think your idea to rent a space is fine, provided it’s one that won’t get you into trouble. Maybe think like David Mancuso and find a loft in a factory district you can rent. Something where there’s less residents who will complain. It sounds like you want to throw raves really.

    Take a chance and do it. 🙂

    DJ Tucker

    Try periscoping. You’re about to enter a world where the absolute only thing that matters is how much money you can make for the bar or club owner and they don’t care at all about your music (or your skills) especially if your music brings in the wrong crowd.

    Phil Morse

    We’re gonna push this one to the main site for some reaction, too…

    Rob S

    Nice! I missed it, will try and find it now.

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