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    Marvin The Martian

    The question is easy – where to start? =)

    I know what kind of music i want to play, i like this music and i am digging into it every day and spending a lot of time and effort to find, sort and getting more knowledge about this music. And i know that there is not so much djs that playing that kind of music in my country.
    There is a lot of DJs who play house, techno, edm music etc in my small country, to stand out among the masses of house/techno djs is not so easy, if you are not a producer. And this community is not very friendly to newbies, cause the market is too small and there are too many djs.
    But there is a niche that i think i can take with some proper promotion steps and attitude. But now i am a bit lost and dont know from where to start to move forward. Getting music and discovering a new (and old) songs is good, but it not getting me any closer to get events.

    So, masters, what first of all should be in focus except getting into the music?
    Mixtapes-mixes on mixcloud?
    Social media promotions? But my friends on facebook not interested in that kind of music, i know it for shure.
    Getting out to meet some promoters?

    P.S. A lot of topics from me last days. If this topic was discussed earlier – you can send me there =)

    DJ Vintage

    Look on the main site (blog) for articles by D-Jam on promoting yourself. Pretty much all you need is in there.

    If you are a niche DJ, there is a fair chance that you will need “niche-audience” as well. This will only mean more promotional work and lesser chance of success. Clearly applying to more “underground” kind of venues would be your best bet, short of organizing your own nights, but if you are in a niche and unknown, that is gonna be a tough nut to crack.

    Not trying to demoralize you, but if you want to actually gig (paid), yet want to stick with the niche music you like it will be tougher than trying to get in a scene if you are able to appeal to a broader audience imho.

    Alex Moschopoulos

    And i know that there is not so much djs that playing that kind of music in my country

    The bigger question is: Are there “normal people” in your country who would be into the kind of music you’re into?

    Niche music areas are tough, mainly due to how much a given market is into mainstream hits, but not underground specialties. Believe me, I’d try to push deep house and be asked to play Top 40. I’d push trance and be asked to play popular rap and/or eurodance. It became quite frustrating in that I could not break into the niches within Chicago for those sounds, nor could get “average people” going into what I liked.

    If you find the articles (“How to succeed at DJing”), keep to heart the advice that much of this is a big popularity contest. There’s a reason why the David Guettas and Calvin Harrises of this world pack festivals while talented savant DJs end up playing to small rooms, or big noted underground DJs are pulled from booths to please high rollers.

    My suggestion is you have to build a following beyond your country. One big way is to produce. Maybe your country won’t appreciate you, but then you might get a large fan base in another country. I’d also look into podcasting or some kind of regular content creation. Educate the masses and gain fans. Perhaps even try to learn to review that subgenre you’re into and submit music reviews to blogs and publications. That will get you noticed…or at least score you free promos.

    Like Vintage said, if you want to make a living, then you’ll have to play to the masses…or starve for a while on the hope you’ll blow up at some point.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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