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    DJ Hombre

    I really enjoyed myself on Sunday at BPM, great to see the DDJT team all present too!

    A few things left me wondering;

    1. What happened to InMusic? No stand at all! No AKAI, no Numark, no Denon? Last time I went they had been pushed back from the main entrance and I think they were stand-sharing with someone else. Surely they have got something to report on? There were rumours a while back about a refreshed iDJ Pro. Let’s hope they’re busy doing stuff!

    2. No Serato stand? The past few times I’ve been they’ve always put on a decent show with talented DJs/VJs like Cheeba & Yoda doing some amazing routines.

    3. The pitiful Rane stand, nudged to the side of the performance area. They had one solitary rotary mixer (unplugged) and a TTM plugged in but no-one to show it off. Weird. Admittedly they were more focused on the garish gold mixer as the prize for the DMC comp…but still, a pretty poor show.

    4. The Pro Hall. This made good sense, at times it was a complete vacuum but at least it allowed the more “business” side of things to be done without bass heavy music drowning conversation.

    5. Where are all the female DJs? There were a few but not many and none in the DMC comp.

    6. In 2015 do we still need girls in tiny leotards to help sell a promotion company? No. We’re not in a Duran Duran video!

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

    Alex Moschopoulos

    Let me ask…is BPM mainly about DJ gear and electronic/rap music production? Or is it about all music production?

    DJ Hombre

    It’s about all things of interest to a DJ, regardless of whether you’re a club, bedroom or mobile DJ. The Pro hall catered for those involved with running a business, so promoters, club owners etc.

    Production-wise a few brands were present; Korg, AIRA and a new product called ROLI (http://createdigitalmusic.com/2015/09/new-roli-instrument-wants-make-expressive-control-mainstream/) which looked interesting.

    Primarily though, the focus is all things DJ!

    DJ Tucker

    #6 Bro, for real. That’s embarrassing. I’m a red-blooded man who enjoys a pretty woman as much as the next but I was raised to be a feminist who celebrates diversity and my answer is no you don’t need half naked women to sell anything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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