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    Stephen Emery

    I have been watching tutorials and reading about beat grinding with traktor pro 2. everytime i load a track into traktor and check over it the beat grid is out, sometimes only a small amount others widely.
    i have sat for hours trying to get the beat grid to match the tracks but if i move the grid at the beginning the centre and end are out, if i correct either of these then the problem moves to either part so i can’t ever get a fixed grid that works for the whole track.
    I play Techno and House so it is 4×4 simple music yet i still struggle to get it working for me.

    any suggestions would be great as I’m very restricted at the mo on what i can play due to tracks not been beat matched.

    Bill Haynes

    If the music was produced using quantized beats than the beat grid should stay locked in once you set it. Unfortunately, Traktor doesn’t allow the user to set multiple beat markers within the same track – unlike Rekordbox & Serato. I’d say if the beat is drifting in some of the songs, than give the jog wheel a nudge (manually beat match) to keep the tracks in time.

    DJ Vintage

    There are two distinct things you can/might have to do to correct a beat-grid.

    1) Assuming the software got the BPM right, then setting the first down-beat should solve your problem. If it doesn’t, you move to the next point.
    2) If it gets the beats wrong you may have to either expand the grid or shrink it. Thanks to nice wave-forms today this easy to do. You see if the grid is wrong, just setting the first one right is not gonna help. By changing the grid itself, you can correct that problem.

    As Bill said, not all tracks are steady (quantised) beats. And Traktor is known as the worst software for gridding tracks with varying BPM. So if you have tracks like that, tough luck as Traktor won’t be able to handle it correctly. Furthermore NO DJ software gets it right all of the time. Anywhere from 70-90% of the time correct is reasonable.

    If you feel you are restricted by this, then it really does pay to invest time and effort into the art of manual beat-matching. Sync is a nice tool to use and clearly can only be used properly with correctly gridded tracks, but it is still that, a tool. If you are dependent on any tool as a DJ (clearly outside the obvious of having some kind of platform to allow you to play tracks and mix them), then you might want to revisit your priorities.

    We are not judgmental here about using sync, we think it’s a wonderful tool that can help free you to do other creative things, at the same time we do believe any DJ worth his/her salt should be able to do manual outmatching, for all those times that a synced beat-match is just not in the books.

    Hope that helps some.

    Alex Moschopoulos

    As a user of Traktor for years, I have to agree with many here. I’ve found some workarounds when you place in cuepoints on spots where you need to re-align the grid, but it can cause issues if you’re using the master midi clock.

    This is why I speak to many about how “sync will fail” and to learn manual beatmatching for these occasions. Granted in my own uses, I’ll see most modern music grid just fine, but anything with varying tempos, breakdowns that aren’t in 32-beat increments, or even old school music done in a more “analog” time…I’ll see grid issues.

    Don’t let technology limit you.

    Phill Renyard

    Additional beat markers can be placed in a track to adjust the phase of the grid if for example a breakdown (as mentioned above) drifts a bit before the beat comes back in. However the Bpm cannot be adjusted halfway through. This process of having more than one beat marker will be less likely to cause problems if tempo sync is used instead of beat sync…

    DJ Vintage

    At the end of the day the result stays the same, if Traktor gets it right you are in luck, if it doesn’t there is painfully little you can do to correct the situation. If you use music that needs either very good flexible beatgridding or the option of manually correcting a beat grid, Traktor is just not the most logical choice.

    It shines in many areas and has a large following of DJs who find it the best tool for their trade, just as all the others have their own specific forte and resulting fans. Unfortunately (even for quite a few Traktor users) beatgridding is not one of those areas.

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