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    Pete Lindemann

    Hi .. been using a Reloop TM 8 since late last year ( I hace a vci 100 mk 2 too both using serato Dj )
    I brought it as a friend was selling it cheap and he had hardly used it . I was going to buy a Denon Mc 4000.
    It’s been a great adventure learning to use the TM8 . the one area I dont really take advantage of is the 4 channels . I only really know how to mix 2 channels ( the vci 100 mk2 is a 4 channel console too but works the 4 channels in a different way )
    Just after some advice re mixing in 4 channels thanks


    I know some young DnB guys who actually mix with 4 decks, but really they will use the extra decks for “extra’s” rather than full-fledged beat-synced 3 or 4 tracks. And for prepping the next track while two are playing.

    I use 4 channels, but that is because as a mobile DJ I still carry around two CD/USB-media players. And I prefer having them on separate channels than having to switch on a 2-channel controller. I would typically forget to set the switch. Hit play on the CD-player, open the fader and … hear nothing LOL.
    This clearly only works on controllers that are stand-alone mixing capable.

    I think you have a nice controller there, I don’t think the MC4000 really qualifies as an upgrade. The thing is you can easily work a 2-channel set on a 4-channel controller, than the other way around.

    Pete Lindemann

    Thanks mate , love the TM8 really glad I got it . I lost my 2 residencies lately one to a guy playing CDjs .. but mostly palyes premixes on his usb and he lipsinks . and other to a guy on a laptop using VDJ who also uses premixes as they play for beers . Both gigs I starte and help build d with the bar owners and both have doped patronage since Ive been replaced . But I mix/ scratch live and looking at ways to get better to really differentiate between the guys playing pre remixes .


    Keep doing what you believe in. Those owners might come back to you if patronage drops too much. You can ask more money LOL.

    Seriously, THE skill that makes a DJ is “knowing what must come next”, which is impossible with premixed stuff. Add to that good technical skills (manual/beat-matching, scratching, FX use, live mashups, etx.) will enhance your value as a DJ.

    Pete Lindemann

    Thanks so much ..needed to hear that 🙂

    Isaiah Furrow

    Nice controller you’ve got there…
    I have a TM8 that I’ve had since they were first released in the US. (was a pre-order)
    I love it, even though we’ve had a few “disagreements” over the years…lol
    Once of my favorite things on the TM8 is the loop controls, having a knob that I can rotate to double/halve the loop is nice, and being able to hit the button below it to trigger the selected loop length is nice, but just as often I hold the encoder down while manipulating the loop length, then release it to let the track play out…
    I like the ability to route the Aux input and Mic either through the software or straight out the Master… means I can record the mic and aux inputs, but in a pinch I can play something or talk while sorting out a PC issue (recently got a MacBook so hope to not have to worry so much about this part). Using the RECORD feature and the AUX input is nice, as I’ve been able to sample some stuff that I’m not sure how I’d have sampled before, such as video game sounds and sound bytes from movies or TV…
    I’m still relatively a NOOB, and still very much learning, building my skills and library, and saving for an eventual upgrade, but so far I really like my TM8.
    One use I’ve found for the 3rd and 4th decks has been to have a “backup” track loaded up waiting on deck 4, in case I feel the vibe going a different direction, or in case I can’t find a good fit for after the currently playing track and after cueing up 2-3 songs I’m running out of time, I let the “banger” on track 4 go while I regroup.
    I sometimes also use deck 3 for a track of scratch sounds, not that I scratch a lot in my sets, (I do more when alone at home…lol. ). I use deck 4 as the “backup banger” and deck 3 for the scratch track because I’m a lefty and way more proficient on the left jogwheel at this point.
    I’ve rarely seen anyone playing out use 4 decks for mixing… I have seen one instance where there were 2 loops playing, one at the end of an outgoing song on “deck A”, one a looped part of the intro on “deck B”, and the DJ was using a 3rd deck to drop part of a chorus vocal in before he let the incoming track play. The chorus vocal he teased ended up getting teased again during the song and was the next track he played later on. It actually fit nicely into the big picture, and was definitely something that gave me inspiration for the future of my mixing.
    Hope my .02 helps, keep shining,

    Pete Lindemann

    THanks some great ideas there 🙂 left handed too can only scratch on the left jog wheel atm .

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