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    Phil Morse

    My question is simple – do you use a microphone when DJing, and if so, when? As a “personality” DJ? To announce things for the bar owner? To introduce guest DJs? Even in today’s “mixing” DJ world, I think there’s more microphone use going on than people sometimes realise…


    Nothings worse than a bad “MC” who doesn’t know when to give it a rest.

    DJ Yaka

    I use the mic when i have too, nothing moe nothing less. I know Dj’s who love to use the mic, as they have what i call the “gift of the gab”. wish i had the gift of the gab, but i don’t.

    dj flyer

    All depends on type of gig. It’s a good way to connect with the crowd, but when that is done, I try to let the music speak for itself if it’s not a wedding or corporate gig.

    A tip is to record a set where U use the mic. Its good to know how you really sound.
    If you sound like Kermit the frog you better shut up 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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