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    I have the oppertunity to purchase 2 Numark TT1700 Turntables and a matching Numark DM1100SE Mixer for a great price, i am new to DJing so i am wondering what theses pieces of equipment are like and are they good for me to start out on and learn the ropes.

    Would love to hear everyones thoughts.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Personally I would never start learning to DJ on vinyl. I did (a zillion years ago) and it was the hard way to go, compared to the things you can do today. Also be aware that while purchasing two TTs and a mixer may seem relatively cheap, the upkeep of vinyl is higher than with any other kind of DJ-ing. Regular vinyls are more expensive and still susceptible to damage, you’ll need new needles with some regularity and if you go DVS (i.e. using vinyl to control DJ software) you will be looking at the very least at adding a 4-in/4-out sound-card (compatible with Serato or other software you intend to use), the actual software itself (DVS usually being the most expensive version or an expensive add-on) and regular sets of control vinyls.

    So unless you can safely spend the money on something that looks good to you, go ahead. If you are serious about getting into DJ-ing, buying a second-hand starter controller with some software and a good course (clearly our “How To Digital DJ Fast” course is really good 😀 ) will get you up and running in about 2 months. To me that makes much more sense.

    Something I have learned about buying used gear, when that “if I don’t buy this, there will never be another something like it” moment arrives and you resist the urge to buy, suddenly you see similar offers in the weeks that follow. The point being, don’t worry about learning a bit more about DJ-ing first. If and when vinyl DJ-ing is something for you, another opportunity for gear will present itself. By then you will know what it is you want and why, so in a better place to make that decision.

    My three cents as usual. Hope that helps some.


    Yes this helped a lot, thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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