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    Hello, I’m a mobile DJ, and I’ve been using VDJ 7 and a Numark Total Control. I changed my laptop for a Samsung i3 that comes with windows 8. The problem is that when I connect the controller and run the program I get a “protection error 8” message and it crashes. What can I do?

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    Here is what I said on the forum for the Scratch Course:

    +++++ QUOTE +++++

    General comment on using new Operating Systems in any “production” environment, DON”T !!!
    A good rule of thumb is to not use any new operating system for important work (like live DJ-ing!) before they come up with Service Pack 1. You don’t want to be using it professionally while they are still ironing out all the odd quircks they should have fixed before the first release. Also driver support can be faltering in the early days, especially from manufacturers with relatively limited numbers of clients (couple of 10.000 DJs using your sound card might sound like a lot, but not compared to having millions of people using your printer for example).
    Specific comment on using windows 8: DON’T !!! [FONT=inherit][/FONT]
    Windows 8, and it’s obligatory graphical user interface Metro (what happened, Steve Jobs dies and now Microsoft think they are Apple?) are a total bust as far as I am concerned for professional environments. A PC or laptop used for serious business is not an oversized tablet or smartphone. You want your Operating System to be a solid, stable and fast platform to support your key applications (like Traktor, Serato, VDJ and such in our case), without imposing all kinds of stuff on you that you haven’t asked for.
    You COULD use tools (they are out there) to get your regular Windows 7 “look” back for your windows 8 install, including the start button.
    Quite frankly though, my advice to you would be to get your hands on a version of Windows 7 and install that. I am no advocate of using “illegal” software, but you paid for a license of Windows 8 with your new machine, so in my opinion that entitles you (at least morally) to use an older version of the software as well.
    When Windows 7 came out a few years back, you could actually go to Microsoft and get a Windows XP serial number if you wanted to downgrade. They won’t do that with Windows 8 (Home version, they do with the Pro) because they want to force their entire user base to switch.

    I think Microsoft has made a big mistake here, especially since I don’t see businesses switching to the Metro GUI in large numbers any time soon. They should just have given their customers the chance to choose between windows 8 or windows 7 (or a rebranded version of it, like windows 8 Classic) on their new computer. Microsoft are so big that we will probably end up having to use windows 8 in the future, simply because there is nothing else around anymore, but hey, such is life. Until that time, I will just use my trusted Windows 7 and have my stuff work the way it should.
    ++++++ END OF QUOTE +++++
    One way to go about it if you want to keep your Windows 8 for your regular work (and a great way to use a laptop for two purposes!) is to make it dual-boot. This means that when you boot up you have the chance to choose from two environments and in our case I would make one environment Windows 7 with our DJ stuff on it. The other could be Windows 8 with all the other stuff.


    I found this solution on the VDJ forum, maybe it helps you, as I have only Macs I cannot test it… use at your own risk!

    You need to uninstall the program and delete this registry key:HKCU/Software/VirtualDJ. Once you delete the key, reinstall the software and DISABLE automatic updates. This will fix your problem. IF you are unsure how to edit the registry, follow this link below: [COLOR=#3366cc]http://support.microsoft.com/kb/136393[/COLOR]

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    i agree do not use w8

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