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    Marvin The Martian


    Something about a half year ago I was offered to try myself as a wedding DJ. As it turns out – not quite a DJ, but anyway….
    The specific of wedding parties in my region assumes that there is a wedding MC and a DJ (me). So, my main job is to create a soundtrack to MC`s main programm (which is divided by 20-30 min blocks) and make people dance during the dance block and after the MC is done.
    My previos dj experience was as a latin music dj on a social dance events. I was spending a lot of time to dig into the classic salsa music, bachata and other latin music, so i literally stopped to follow modern pop and edm music.
    So, here is some things that i am trying to deal with and maybe i`ll get some advices (and music recommendations also) from more experienced people here:

    -Starters. I`ve tried several songs to start the dance block and make people dance right here and right now, but the only two that worked well was Uptown Funk and Danza Kuduro. What i am asking is any suggestions of similar songs that can be used as a start point, but it must be a 100% bangers =)

    -How to deal with “non-wedding music”? Usually im getting a list of songs from a couple that they want to hear during the wedding, and sometimes there is, for example, an ambient, lounge, chill out music, that not quite for a wedding. Once Ive got a list from a couple full with sad indie pop songs. Ive honestly listened to this songs and i almost got a depression…

    -Play by block or mash-up everything?

    -Requests. There was a lot of strange requests, like “we want to sing a song and we have a karaoke version, but we are so drunk that we just cannot get into music with our singing. can you move the vocals from the originat a bit back?” Well, i can, but should i? How to deal with that kind of requests?

    Actually, Im here to read any advices from experienced wedding djs.
    As it turns out that I`m getting my first “Real DJ” experience on wedding parties, which is not the best option for first experience…But i think i can handle it =) with some help =)


    First of all get our wedding DJ guide. It will open your eyes and the playlists alone are worth the money.

    As for the songs a couple requests. Talk to them, make THEM think about the guests they invited with questions like “is your granny present and do you think she likes Megadeath too?”.
    Ask them in terms of themes for specific parts of the evening:
    Like “music during dinner”, “music as long as elderly are present” and “party music for the late night dance”. Special dances like first dance, father daughter dance, brides dance,…
    If you DJ also during the ceremonry ask the couple AND the pastor or whoever does the ceremony.

    As for requests during the DJing, if it is not the bride or groom asking I have a sheet of paper that they can write the request on and sometimes during the night I usually ask the bride to approve songs to play. I never play a request right away.

    Also ask for games like Karaoke or other fun party games they want to do, those can require special music.

    For the rest get the guide 🙂

    Randy Smith Jr

    I totally agree with Terry_42. 3 years ago I DJed my own wedding and suddenly my phone started ringing with people asking me to do theirs. I immediately hit the web for pointers, found, and purchased the Wedding DJ guide from DDJT and it totally saved my life. It talks about exactly what you are asking and the playlists are absolutely worth the money on their own. I have barely altered the dinner music playlist and I get complements every single reception I do. I don’t work for DDJT but I will forever promote that anyone considering DJing weddings purchase that guide. It completely changed my approach to weddings and def gave me the confidence and the knowledge to make sure that every time I meet with a potential client they leave excited about their choice in entertainment for their special day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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