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    I get this question a lot and I just wanted to know what made you want to become a DJ? Either if it was because the love of the music, watching another DJ work a room, or the feeling you get when you are able to see everyone dancing especially when it is you behind the decks.

    DJ GRE

    For me it was the love of selecting playlists – I love music, listening to it, playing it, reading the history of it etc. Whenever I would get to a party with no music or with a very random playlist i will instinctively go to the music source and try to fiddle based on who is there. Even getting into a car with a bunch of different people I will search for a common song to get everyone reacting to the music! One time I was in a car with some older people (about 60 years of age approx.) and I tried playing some old jazz tunes – no go, next some rat pack – nothing, then I played some Beatles and before you know it the whole car was singing along! I just love playing the right track at the right moment – nothing else feels quite as good.

    DJ eengenious

    To me, it’s the special relationship the DJ has with the dance floor. Feeding off the crowd’s energy and them feeding off your energy…it’s an amazing experience.

    Phil Morse

    To pay for my record purchases.

    DJ GRE

    Phil Morse, post: 136 wrote: To pay for my record purchases.

    Hahaha – this is slowly becoming true for me too, to pay for the debt I’ve amassed with all the misc. gear and music…


    First time I was told to put music at a party I was excited but nervous at the same time. I was using just my laptop, no soundcard no headphones. The only feeling i remember is people getting up and dancing to whatever I put and singing to it. One of the greatest feelings ever. It still takes me back now when Im Djing and the whole place flips and everybody is dancing their feet off


    I’ve wanted to DJ since I saw Beat Street in 1984. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford decks back then.

    In the early 90s, I was buying maxi-singles and even vinyl of some of the bigger house tunes being released, and would make compilations from them. My brother finally said I should pick up some used decks and try it. So I ended up buying a used pair of Technics 100 belt-drive tables and a cheap Gemini mixer. I still have that mixer as a keepsake.

    Jure Tomelj

    I totaly fell in love with electronic music at the first raves i attended when i was 17. when I was 18 i got my first pc, and instantlty staterd to produce electronic music. Later on I decided to become a dj after visiting the Sonne Mond Sterne festival in Germany in 2006

    Bill McNulty

    It is definitely because of my love of music. I was very lucky as a child. My Father worked for at the record plant for Columbia records and he was able to bring home a LPs every week. I got to listen to all kinds of music and amassed a huge collection of music, (which I am still ripping to my HDD). When I was in High School I went to a lot of dances and the Jocks there didn’t seem to have a clue about how to mix the music to keep people dancing and happy. I thought I could do a better job than that! I talked to the teacher who was in charge of the dances and asked for a shot. He said yes and I borrowed a PA from one friend and a second turntable from another and and did the dance. It was awesome.
    So I guess my inspiration would have been the ineptitude of other DJs.

    Rob Francis

    I fell in love with dance music after tuning into a pirate radio station way back in 1994. I loved the music and used to make “mixes” for friends by using two tape decks!

    Once I started going clubbing I always felt like it should be me in the booth, especially when the DJ was crap – I knew I could do better!


    What inspired me were a few experiences of electronic music through other people. The first time was when I tried LSD and a friend of mine played some Jungle tapes. They blew me away because I thought they were strange hiphop tunes. Also, BT’s “Never Gonna Come Back Down” music video came out on TV while I was trippin’ and I was in awe. This was in the middle of August of 2000. Months later I was at another friend’s house (October 2000) and we were browsing through his large CD collection. We went from Rap to a strange CD that I thought was House music. He said, “no, that’s Trance.” It hypnotized me. This was when I decided I wanted to be a DJ. Flash forward a couple of months (March/April 2001) – I was at another friend’s house who was a DJ. He introduced me to Platipus Records material and Acid Trance and Hardcore. He took the time to give me basic training on bars, measures, patterns/structures in music, and let me use his turntables. It was fun!

    There are actually three choons that ultimately inspired me to reach out to others to get into DJ’ing. They are:

    Technique – Sun Is Shining (Mash-Up Matt Remix)
    Push – Universal Nation ’99 (DuMonde Remix)
    Space Frog – Lost in Space (Yves DeRuyter Remix)

    The tapes were from local LA legends like DJ Thee-O, DJ Curious and Ron D. Core who are still playing at raves all over town.


    Love for music. I’ve played several instruments in the past so I guess it was a natural progression. Also grew up listening to classic Chicago House music, I’m sure D Jam could say the same!

    Michael Crenshaw

    Superfly Meets Shaft by John & Ernest was the first record ever to use samples. Once I heard that I knew what I was going to do. Being able to manipulate records to tell a story was what I knew I wanted to do. And behold, I’m still doing it.


    Seeing Sasha and Digweed play. What they did back in the nineties blew me away. I loved all music including some house and trance but once I was turned onto Sasha & Digweed it was a great day. I have since broadened my love for EDM to many genres well past just house and trance, sadly I don’t like most of the trance being produced today but to each their own.

    dj Architekt

    I was always the guy at any party or get togther in Highschool/College that was plugging my Ipod or cd’s in someone’s home system. Then would go out with freinds and see someone behind the decks do a terrible job but still get a reaction out of the crowd. I knew I could do better…

    Now two years out of school with the means to have some hobbies, I decided to take the plunge… I’ll never look back, Love it

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