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    Phil Morse

    Do you use your DJ software (Traktor / remix dekcs or Serato, VDJ plus sample decks, for instance), or do you use Mixed In Key Mashup, or Ableton, or Mixmeister, or something else? Be interested to know…

    Michael Lawrence

    I use traktor for simple re-edits and for its effects but when I want to get more detailed I use maschine.


    With simple being the operative word I use mixmeister to extend/shorten a track or layer an acapella over the top. For complex remixes Ableton is the only solution.

    I don’t believe “live remixing” within a dj program sounds good 99% of the time. I prefer to take my time getting it right then re-recording it to play in dj software.


    For very basic things I use VDJ, but as soon as I want “more control” I move to Ableton.

    Rob Francis

    Ableton Live gets my vote whether its simple or complicated

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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