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    Phil Morse

    Most of us use iTunes to organise our music, and if that’s you, my question is: What’s the one thing you do in iTunes that helps you the most?

    For me, it’s using the “grouping” column to sort tunes by venue.


    smart playlists for organising my tunes, particularly using the star rating for energy – 1 start for chill out, 2 for warm-up, 3 for transition, 4 for peak and 5 for classics or bombs. Combine that with keys and generes means finding the next tune in traktor is easy.


    Mine looks something like this

    Tech House
    Tech House – Percussive
    Tech House – Funky

    Then I got, dark, melodic, warm, cool and ect… Same goes for every genre. Then I also go with a star rating based on how it shows up in Traktor, basically intensity but a bit different. It’s only been like that for a week or so, I’ve star rated some 500 tunes in the last few days, it works like charm when wingin it.

    Felipe Lima

    A folder playlist called ‘DJ’ (very creative!)
    which contains 6 more folders playlist with genre, bpm and releases by month/year,
    more 6 smartplaylist with acapellas, instrumentals, original mix, most played, recently added etc
    and more 5 normal playlists with preparation list, intro etc
    and, of course, a main playlist with all the tracks
    p.s. here in brazil we don’t have a music streaming like Spotify which works well, so i have my entire collection in my iTunes
    and i’m a little obsessed about the organization of my library
    another p.s. i’m not a DJ for real, i’m learning by time, that is one of the reasons i’m here


    I keep mine organized by month. since alot of music i download are also classic tracks, all the new tunes i download in the current month are not forgotten by putting them into current month playlists. through most of the month i will only listen to the songs in the current months playlist, for both enjoyment, as well as learning them. By months end im typically ready to separate the tunes into both DJ playlists, or my Unqualified list (songs that wouldnt go so well with what ever crowd your dealing with).

    Dieter Deelight

    Maybe a useful video:

    Ean Golden using itunes, Traktor 1 and Mixed in Key to organise his library and dj-sets.




    I don’t like to contradict those with more experience, but my advice would be NOT to automatically add music to iTunes library. As far as I’m aware it doesn’t confer any advantage. It doubles the amount of storage space you need to use, if you keep copies outside of the iTunes library, and if the file becomes corrupted you have to navigate the files yourself. This is not always easy as I’ve found iTunes sometimes organises files in a way that doesn’t fit with how I think about my collection. I find I organise my music better which is helpful when using a programme other than iTunes.
    What should be done is back up, and consider doing so twice. You can do this without iTunes organising your files. I use both a local external drive and an online storage service. Perhaps I’m paranoid, but if someone broke into my house and stole all my computers etc I wouldn’t lose all my music.


    Echo freeze always works perfectly for long tempo changes. Just match the key.


    Tag early in the comments section and tag often. Regularly update tags too.


    For Backup I have an external Firewire Raid Drive. You can get lots of free and good backup software for Macs or use the built in TimeMachine. So my tunes will hopefully not get lost.

    I use smart playlists a lot, it has lots of features as when I have sets of compilations etc. I use stacked smart playlist (e.g. Smart playlist with added options).

    I also totally agree: Tag and Rate. No matter what system you develop, you need to have one. For the few gigs I played digital so far I simply made folder playlists with what I inteded to include in the set. Preparation is everything (back in the day you packed your vinyls in your system order, today pack your set playlists…)


    Grid View is a must. It makes cover flow look disgusting. Grid view with the large album covers is the closet you can get to really feeling like you have the music physically like on cds or vinyl. Also recommend sorting by genre/artist name.

    Juan Atunes

    Heres the way i do it:

    1. Use mixed in key
    2. Use Platinum Notes
    3. Use Metabliss to change anything that is not to my pleasing on the music file info.
    4. create a playlist folder for the current year then create monthly playlist on that folder.
    5. Finally Drop the same playlist folder into traktor and enjoy to play my music.


    @Juan you do realized its a 2 years old topic ?

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