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    Alfie Scotting

    Hi guys.

    for my 18th at the end of january i got an XDJ-RX, but i recently got a job and now i want to upgrade to XDJ-1000’s.

    I need to find somewhere to sell my dj equipment asap, but i’m having no luck – all the facebook groups i’ve found are for equipment like lights and club equipment, not actual dj gear, gumtree deletes my posts and ebay has put a limit of how much i can list an item for – i’m well and truly stuck. Does anyone know any good online sources for selling dj equipment? on a side note – if anyone’s interested in the RX feel free to contact me via the forum 🙂

    thanks for the help guys

    Rick Dawson

    which country are you in?

    does any retailer do trade ins?

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    Alfie Scotting

    based in the UK – sorry i should’ve said this earlier. i believe this is part of my difficulty, i’m sure it would be much easier to sell in the US but i’m unsure about international shipping

    DJ Vintage

    So travelling from controller to XDJs with a regular mixer? Bit of a downgrade 😀

    Just out of curiosity, what is it you expect the XDJ-1000s to bring you that your controller doesn’t and/or what do you expect the XDJ1000/DJM900 or something combo will bring you that, say, an SX2, RX or SZ won’t bring you? Or if you were willing to contemplate a different brand, the new MCX8000 from Denon? Especially since you are going from a 1400 euro controller to a 3.800 setup. That is a whopping 2.400 more, I wonder what, in your opinion, are the features that make that a sensible decision, i.e. what is worth so much extra money?

    Seriously though, we have some places in Holland you could sell them at, but that is no help for you. The most important being http://www.marktplaats.nl. All Dutch though and I don’t know if they will take foreign ads.

    While I wouldn’t go back to any CDJ/XDJ and mixer modular setup ever again (certainly not to own at those ridiculous prices), I have an SX and will be getting an MCX8000 soon. The XDJ-RX has never been on my radar, so won’t be bidding on yours.

    Good luck though.

    Rick Dawson

    gumtree ?

    I bought my pair of used Technics 1200mk2 through gumtree

    only paid £410 GBP for the pair.

    they only have wear where you rest your wrist when using the pitch fader.
    the only other thing was they needed calibrating.

    Nicky H

    Most DJ shops in the UK will part-exchange your controller – try these:

    Allan Murray

    Totally agree with DJ vintage on this one, all you gain by going to the XDJ 1000’s is the querty keyboard which is handy, but you lose the loop and hot cue hardware buttons as both are on the touchscreen which was a big no no for me…

    You also miss out on having you’re DJ effects quantized unless you fork out like 2200 Euro for a DJM 900 which would be absolute madness.

    Even the flagship CDJ 2000’s along with the DJM 900 still fall short of a controller set up when used as standalone…

    In all honesty i think you’re wasting you’re money on the XDJ 1000’s, it was a no brainer for me which set up i wanted to go to when i decided my old CDJ 850’s were stuck in the dark ages…

    You can also use the RX with Rekcordbox DJ as well so you can have the best of both worlds…

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    Isaiah Furrow

    Not a pioneer user really, but couldn’t he ADD a 1000 to his existing setup?

    Allan Murray

    He could yes and have the best of both worlds, the mixer section on RX has better features than both of Pioneers 2 channel standalone mixers so adding a XDJ 1000 to his existing set up would be a better choice than buying a seperate mixer unless it’s a DJM 900 which like all the Nexus range are a complete rip off in terms of what you get for your money…

    Arkadiusz Mikina

    When are you getting the mcx8000 plz?
    Can you post your experience with using it when you get it and use it for a while plz?


    DJ Vintage

    Some users reportedly have one already (mine will be a few months as cash is tight til end of summer).

    Why don’t you make a new post titled “Please share your experience with MCX8000”. Handy for future potential users as well.

    Arkadiusz Mikina

    great idea Vintage


    Alfie Scotting

    Hi guys – finally got the time to reply.

    The package i’ve found is 2 xdj’s and a djm 900 for 1500 gbp – just over 300 more than i paid for the RX.

    to answer some of your questions;

    – i’m not a fan of dj controllers : i love their flexibility, and their immense amount of features, however i don’t use many of the features that wouldn’t be found on xdj’s. I prefer having 3 seperate uints (2 decks and a mixer) than an all in one, and the main reason is i don’t like having to look at a big screen while mixing (i used to find myself too concentrated on serato rather than the hardware, and i also found myself using the waveforms to beatmatch rather than my ears). this is also why I’m not too bothered about losing the Rekordbox DJ compatability – i don’t and likely will never use it. I’m not too fussed by the screens on cdj’s either; i enjoy mixing straight off cd’s at college (we have 800’s that don’t have screens full of info like newer models) – however this XDJ price is like no other deals i’ve seen, and i’d rather go off 1 or 2 USB’s than a number of CD’s. I don’t bash controllers, i think they’re great and they make complete sense, but i prefer a cdj / xdj set up – all down to personal preference.

    – The MCX8000 question: i’m sure this is a great unit (i’ve heard some very good reviews) and it’s similar to the xdj’s in terms of it being a standalone controller. However, if i’ve got an XDJ-RX, what would be the point of changing it for a Denon standalone that runs off USB’s? that would be like changing a 50 pound note for two 20’s and a tenner – they both do the same thing. the only noticeable difference between the denon and the RX is the 4 channel mixing (i only need 2) and the 2 screens, but i prefer pioneer hardware and would rather have 2 rekordbox screens from xdj-1000’s than 2 engine screens from denon.

    – to isiah: yes i could add an XDJ-1000 (or 2) to my RX but i don’t really see the point in that, it wouldn’t really affect my set up. also part of the reason i want to sell my XDJ-RX is to contribute the money towards 1000’s – i couldn’t afford 1000’s on their own right now.

    – rick dawson: i’ve tried gumtree, 3 times, and they delete my ad instantly every time and i’m unsure why. thanks for the suggestion though

    – nicky H: short and simple answer and got straight to the point, thank you for your help. annoyingly neither of these sites do the deal i was looking at , and the site i was looking at doesn’t do part exchanging, but i’m sure i can still find a good XDJ-1000 deal on bop or whybuynew – thank you very much.

    thank you all for your responses!

    Arkadiusz Mikina

    Hey Alfie

    -2 xdj1000 + djm900nxs for 1500gbp? That sounds like a scam or a used/worn out units dude. Decks.co.uk asks 1500 for two xdj1000s alone + 1300 for the 900 which amounts to 2800. If you can grab it new for half the price then…..you know how to look for good price :O Show us the link plz.
    Even then (1500gbp deal) though you will be getting yourself an inferior setup imho (when compared to 950gbp mcx for example). I understand – all personal preference and I respect that, cool. But the argument ‘I don’t like looking at the screen’? Then don’t look at it, mix by ears 😉 Turn the screen off (I think Pio still hasn’t implemented that feature) or go into Browse screen straight after you have loaded up a track.
    Remember, xdj-rx has one screen with parallels so waveriding is possible and tempting. MCX8000 will never give you parallels nor serato face (close your laptop, turn off the screens and off you go).

    -If you can get this for 1500 then fine. But if not then…..don’t buy a Pio mixer. They are known to sound mediocre at best and really only popular because CDJs reign, that’s all. Denon X600 is far better mixer and will match the hot signal from CDJs/XDJs much better then any (!) Pio mixer. It will sound significantly better.

    -Now, you prefer Pio hardware and don’t see much difference between xdj-rx and mcx apart from 4 channel mixer and 2 screens but there are many more differences and pros of mcx8000. You have to remember that 2 screens won’t give you parallel waveforms which, from what I can see, would solve your biggest gripe of waveriding you experience with xdj-rx. Plus mcx has dvs (xdj-rx will never ever support that as it has hardware limitation for that), much richer feature set (Flip, Slicer, PitchNtime)-you’re not interested in features ok, is all metal and not plastic like Pio gear + sounds amazing and noticeably better then any Pio controller. It has some drawbacks but most of them will hopefully be resolved with firmware update.

    All in all get what feels best!
    holla 😀


    1500 for that setup? that is 100% a scam, the DJM 900 alone does not go below 800-1000 heavily used.

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