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    Dj JazzyPete

    Just been given a Digital Video DJ setup M-Audio Controller and a PC laptop with Virtual Dj – Torq – Magix Music Maker – Mixmister plus.. that an ex Dj used together ..I already have a Reloop Mixage IE controller not sure what to do and which one I should use with the laptop as I know the Mixage is suited to Traktor .. not sure which controller is better as I’m
    still learning . And I need to use one and sell one .
    thanks for your your help


    Well M-Audio hast dicontinued all its controllers and hence Torq really lacks the features of modern DJ controllers and the other software titles you mentioned are ancient history.
    The reloop Mixage IE is the most current of the 2 controllers you have and yes it is OKish to use in Traktor.
    It will get you started and is OK for entry into the DJ world. However I would advise getting a Traktor Pro version as the Traktor LE version the Mixage comes with is severely limited.

    Nonetheless, after you got your feet wet and acquired some basic skills you will want to upgrade soonish.

    Dj JazzyPete

    Thanks so much this advise helps me a lot

    Alex Moschopoulos

    Which M-Audio Controller?

    I used an Xponent until a month ago with Traktor. Mappings exist. If not, you could easily sell it on Ebay.

    Dj JazzyPete

    This is what I know … actually fining the Xponent mixer easier to use than the Mixage IE might be the software is working better with it ? anyway this is what it is -M Audio Xponent DJ Mixer Controller, USB controller, All hardware controls are pre-mapped to corresponding software functions in Torq 4-output USB audio interface: 4 RCA outputs for independent control of the house system and booth monitors ¼” TRS headphone output with cue and volume controls 16-bit/48kHz max sample rate ASIO and Core Audio compatible Advanced MIDI control surface:
    mixer controls: 2 vertical volume controls 2 3-band EQ control knobs with kill buttons 2 gain-control knobs with mute buttons horizontal crossfader control with transform buttons 2 LED volume meters
    Player controls: 2 touch-sensitive scratch wheels 2 100mm pitch adjust controls built-in touchpad/assignable X/Y control surface for mouse or effect control 8 assignable knobs for effect control 64 assignable backlit buttons, including Play, Cue, Seek, Loop, Key and Sync controls 2 LED progress meters compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn Cdj, pioneer, decks, mixer, DJ, USB, audio, pioneer controller

    Dj JazzyPete

    go it this HP ProBook i5 Laptop

    M-Audio Xponent DJ Mixer Controller Console

    Biba Case both console and laptop fit perfect plus 2 storage compartments

    Vibes Dj light with remote.. also have a Rooloop Mixage ie

    Dj JazzyPete

    Going to sell the M-Audio Xponent DJ Mixer Controller Console and use the Reloop Mixage IE I have just got Traktor Pro .. downloading it now see how it goes..now to get some speakers .. thanks for your help

    Dj JazzyPete

    Thanks guys love this forum don’t post that much but read it every day and love the info on here ..ended up doing a lot of swaps with a music producer friend ..
    we swapped my old Toshiba laptop 15.5 inch 1.3megs I g 120 G HD with Traktor on it and the reloop mixage IE and the M-Audio Xponent DJ Mixer
    Controller Console .. for his 13in 2.6 mgs 4 G 360 G HD Samsung Laptop and his Denon MC 2000 with full Serarto ..

    Were both happy as I do mixes at home but also getting into parties and djing an event at a hotel in September so have to get up to speed quickly .. have brought the Dj Course here going though it .. great resource recommended .. my next thing is looking a a portable set up for djing a wedding in Botswana next year .. as cant take the Denon with me .. but will take the 13 in Laptop and maybe one hook it up to my Android ASUS memo pad with the DJ Control app as the controller or maybe get a dj2 go midi controller for travel overseas ?
    thanks guys keep up the great work ..you help a lot of Dj’s

    DJ Vintage

    Not sure what the state of affairs is in Botswana, but could rental be an option? Just bring laptop and rent the rest?

    Dj JazzyPete

    Have to check that option out .. its pretty modern there and lots of music ..

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