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    Hi I’ve just sold my omnitronic trm 202mk2 mixer.

    Great mixer, sound quality was fantastic and so was the whole unit never had a problem with it.

    The reason I sold it was when I dj out I needed a mid eq per channel.

    Can anyone recommend a mixer for me to have a look at.

    I use xdj700s when plying out. And at home I just a pair of plx500s

    I was also looking at maybe selling the xdjs and buying an all in one xdj-rx

    Would love any feedback. Thanks


    What you haven’t told us what budget you have to work with :-).

    For all-in-one controllers the XDJ-RX is an option, as well as the Denon MCX8000.

    For modular, looking at the obvious candidates, DJM900NXS2 and the new Denon Prime series X1800. If you decide to sell the XDJs you would want to complement the Denon with the SC5000 Prime players. It is the closest you’ll get to digital DJ-ing without a laptop (there is actual a full i5 “computer” in each player).

    If you are looking for rotary, I’ll leave that advice to other readers. It’s a niche market and one I am not too interested in. I stopped using rotary mixers when they came out with affordable fader mixers LOL


    Thanks for the reply, I don’t have a budget as such if something is worth the money.

    I just want great sound quality. Which the trm had.

    I don’t use effects or if I do it’s only usually a hi/lo pass filter.

    I would probably get a mixer with faders this time due to the music I play, quick mixes between songs.

    I know you’re a big fan of the denon series, but I think the xdj700s are brilliant for me, the same as the xdj-rc looking at the videos. So I think I would like to stick with rekordbox if I changed the 700s

    However I don’t use dvs anymore so any mixer would be fine with me.

    Todd Oddity

    Might want to take a peek at the new DJM450. It’s sort of designed to fit between a pair of 700s.

    Tim Brooks

    Pioneer DJM-450

    Isaiah Furrow

    I like the looks of the DJM250MkII, but the more I look into using Recordbox the more I think I’ll stick with Serato…. doesn’t have the FX section like the 450, but does have some great features for a great price, and the filter has a parameter knob which really piqued my interest… I almost snagged a 250 MkI a while back, and I will continue to look into the 250MkII and Recordbox to use with my CDJ players…
    Just thought I’d comment, hope to see an update from the OP…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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