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    Hello everybody,

    in the clubs I frequently visit here the new/old trend is that the DJ’s there are switching back to vynil DVS. They got their old Technics from under the dust.
    There used to be 4 CDJ2000 in the booth, now 2 have dissapeared and two turntables stand in their place. Now I’ve seen some of my DJ friends playing on them. Some struggle with them and go back to the CDJ’s at the end of their set or don’t bother at all, others (and not mainly the older ones) really begin to blossom and shine with the feel of vynil in their hands which makes their performance and the show they set that much better than before, which gave me the itch to wanting to learn/hone this skill as well. It’s that special nostalgic feeling you get playing this way, kind of like best of both worlds.
    Now my question is, which of the following options would you recommend to get familiar with this kind of setup? First one, to buy a set of Technics. Second, to buy a set of Technics replicas like the Audio Technica LP-120 which is a bit weaker. Third, buying turntables which are equal or maybe even better according to some than the venerable Technics like say a Stanton ST-150.

    Thanks for your opinions and keep on spinning, enjoy.

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    Well the current best setup (IMHO) you can get for DVS is:
    2x Reloop RP-8000 Serato Turntables
    1x Rane Sixty-Four Mixer

    The RP-8000s are the only turntables I would consider over mint Technics. Also since it already has USB and buttons you do not need additional midi stuff, like dicers etc.
    The Sixty Four from Rane is just the best mixer there is currently, period. Also adds some midi control and midi-clock! to sync everything. So if you want to use Serato + Ableton for example you can sync it via the mixer.

    This is a DVS setup that is up to the current time of controllers. Every other DVS system gets beaten down by a good controller (or at least the NS7 II).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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