Traktor DJ 1.3 Brings Huge Leaps, But…

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 9 November, 2017

Traktor DJ
Traktor DJ: lots of new functions and S2/S4 Mk II compatibility… but iOS 7 users will have to wait.

Traktor DJ has been updated, with “Flux” (Slip) mode, enhanced looping, new tutorials, and compatibility with the imminent Traktor Kontrol S2 and Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk II hardware. But… one thing it doesn’t bring is compatibility with iOS 7, which is promised for “Q4 2013”. For now, it only works with devices that aren’t upgraded from iOS 6. (That rules out all of ours, and probably yours too.)

Of course, the iOS 7 issue will iron out soon enough, and when it does this is in fact a landmark upgrade, because with Traktor DJ and the new Kontrol S2/S4 hardware, iOS DJing just took a landmark leap forward. Slicer mode, Freeze mode, Flux mode, beatjumps, chained effects, keylock on/off – all of these functions have arrived with hardware control in this update.

Possibly even more importantly, classic DJ functionality with jogwheel tempo bending (apparently only when sync and keylock are off, but we’ll need to check this) means “manual” DJing is possible on Traktor DJ with the S2/S4 and iPad, in a way not possible with the app running on an iDevice alone. Now if they can just make it run on iOS 7 before the S2 and S4 Mk II ship, they’ll at least be limiting the damage from not having it all working fine when iOS 7 was released last week.

Are you looking forward to getting nudge in Traktor DJ? To having the choice whether keylock is on or off? To using it with your iOS 7 iDevice? Share your thoughts on this update in the comments…

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