UDG Launches New Ultimate Flight Cases For Digital DJs

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 March, 2021

Check out these new flight cases from UDG that feature trolley wheels for easier transport.

UDG just announced three new Ultimate Flight Case models designed to protect your gear in transit: there’s one for the Denon DJ Prime 4 all-in-one system, one for media players like the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime or Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2, and one called the Ultimate Flight Case Scratch Plus meant to house a battle mixer and a single turntable. All models feature detachable lids and solid construction, and come with wheels for easy transport to and from a gig, and the Scratch Plus case features a laptop shelf that can hold your computer while you spin.

One of the most common mistakes we see new gigging DJs make is not buying any protection for their gear. You’ve spent your hard-earned money for your DJ kit: why scrimp on a case? A Decksaver is the absolute minimum if you take along your DJ gear to shows, but it’s worth getting a bag too if you take along your laptop and other accessories because it makes it less likely that you’ll leave any crucial cables, plugs or other essentials at home or, worse, at the club.

We recommend flight cases for mobile and touring DJs who hit the road on the regular and want the best protection available, though they are quite heavy. It’s for this reason that you may want to consider getting a case with wheels like these new Ultimate Flight Cases. Watch out for our reviews of them soon.

• The UDG Ultimate Flight Cases are available now from US$239. Check the UDG site for more details.

How do you store and transport your DJ gear? Do you prefer flight cases or do you like taking along bags instead? Let us know in the comments. 


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