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Last updated 30 August, 2017


Updates are generally a good idea, but Is this kind of thing advisable the day before a gig?
Updates are generally a good idea, but Is this kind of thing advisable the day before a gig?

Digital DJ Tips forum reader DJ High-Tone writes: “I have my biggest gig ever tomorrow! I need some advice please. A few weeks ago Native Instruments released a critical Traktor Pro 2 update. While I updated the S4 driver, I have yet to install the update for Traktor 2. Would it be dangerous to do that the day before my huge gig? I’ve played fine with it the past couple of days making mixtapes at home. Also I have Time Machine back-ups I could always revert to.

“Also my internal hard drive in my MacBook Pro decided this would be a great time to hit capacity. I picked up an external drive to transfer my iTunes library to. I’ve also made a bit of space by deleting all my Traktor recordings. Would it be a mistake to transfer my iTunes library externally, again, the day before the big gig?

Digital DJ tips says:

Personally I wouldn’t change a thing if it’s working fine now so shortly before a gig. No matter having a Time Machine backup and what have you. You won’t be restoring a backup in the middle of a gig! Unless you are experiencing / have experienced the problems the update says it solves, leave things as they are, including the iTunes library. Maybe think about removing old tunes you never play any more to help with the second issue.

There should be no issues with any of this stuff when you have more time but the day before a gig? As I say, if it ain’t broke…

Have you ever upgraded drivers, software or your music immediately before a gig? Did you get away with it, or did you live to regret it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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