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    Ive had some issues with cpu temperature running TRAKTOR on my Win laptop with i5 2nd gen processor. Look for “Enable multi-core processor support”.if it checked, try to uncheck and see how cpu is doing 😉 it solved the high cpu temperature problem for me and i did not notice any changes in workflow.

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    Marvin The Martian

    Yep, most of my problems with Lenovo touchpad is about using it with two fingers (scrolling, for example).
    Ive made an update to Win 10 and then made a clean installation of it. while Ive had a complete clean Windows, ive decided to ckeck system logs and there were some Warnings and Errors. The answer from microsoft was something like “did you get a BSOD? if not – do not pay attention. when you get it – ask us again”

    I mean, you can get technicaly brilliant laptop from Lenovo, HP, Dell etc. but what you will do with the OS? Windows will remain Windows with the ghost of BSOD somewhere in the air after some “important update”.

    One of the main reasons why ive picked quite old Lenovo t430 model was an option to easily add second HDD. And the price was good. But Ive checked the new laptops market when i was looking for an laptop, and there was no big difference in prices between top models from lenovo, hp, dell and apple.

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    Marvin The Martian

    Interesting topic.
    I can say that i am an active user of iPad mini 2+djay 2 app+Pioneer Wego3. i am using this setup since Wego3 was released, before that I was using iPad mini 2+djay 2 app or Traktor DJ app+Traktor kontrol Z1. But! I must mention that the music and the events where i was using this setup, not always required active mixing or remixing. Sometimes there were an events where the mixing was required and I must say that using iPad+djay 2 app+Wego3 for basic mixing (or even with some effects) is very comfy. I am still using this setup (with Wego3) and I think its great option if: 1) you dont have to play all night long; 2) you do not do remixes on the fly; 3) event is a one-or-two-genre-event.
    The disadvantages (IMHO):
    1) The costs. iPad cost some money, djay app cost some money, controller will cost some money.
    2) Storage is limited. I have a 32gb device, its quite enough for me. But i`m thinking about 128gb option.
    3) If youre not using itunes, you will have to start. MediaMonkey Gold is another option, but sometimes djay app cant read the track, uploaded by MediaMonkey. Thats because the file name. Need to keep that in mind using MediaMonkey.
    I cannot tell anything about using Android tablets or Windows tablets.

    And interesting thoughts about Traktor DJ and variable beat tracks…i am using Traktor Dj with a laptop and i thought that if you using a dj software, you will have to deal with live drums by your ears =) Dj Vintage, is there any examples (video tutorials or maybe articles) that Cross DJ from Mixvibes is doing better with live drums that Traktor?

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    Marvin The Martian

    Agree about the power connector. I still have my previous Samsung 13inch notebook and the power connector is built in from the left side and when its connected to the adapter, its sticks out and easily can be broken. Lenovo have connector in rear part of the laptop, which, for me, is more securely.

    But my next one is going to be Apple for sure. Yes, maybe, windows laptops will have a better hardware for the same price, but it is all about the software, i think. MacOs is extremely stable, i dont know what you have to do to kill a MacOs. But Windows can die after some days of heavy using.

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    Marvin The Martian

    lenovo thinkpad series is quite ok. t430 or t440 and so on. i have t430 model and its works.
    The pros:
    -2 hard drives. CD rom easily can be replaced by HDD caddy with large hdd – you dont need to open a laptop
    -4 usb ports
    -battery life is good
    -14 inch screen with 1600×900 is nice for me, but it can be replaced also by x1 screen.
    -not heavy (for a quite bulky device)
    -good sound from onboard speakers
    -you can open this laptop to 180 degrees
    -dock station slot
    -good build quality

    -quite bulky
    -non-backlight keyboard
    -touchpad – just cant get used to it, so i am using external mouse (-1 usb slot)
    And the main – Windows system itself. No, seriously. If you plan to use Windows 7 and block the Win10 update – than it might be ok, but Windows 10 is not ready, obviously. it will be someday, but not now.

    Look for business models, it can be pricey, but the build quality and hardware will worth it.

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    Marvin The Martian

    Hm…So, Im taking my iPad with internet and Spotify Premium, playing in front of people (not even beatmatch or using sync or spotify party playlists), and – bingo! – Im a DJ? Ghm…I gues, you guys will be first ones, who will tell that Im not a true DJ =))
    As I always thought, that a DJ is:
    1)a person who have HUGE collection of records (doesnt matter - Vinyl, CDs, Digital - crowd dont give a damn about the source)
    2)a person who knows EVERYTHING about his collection of records
    3)a person who knows how music is made and created (basic music knowledge)
    4)a person who can play specific songs in a specific order to create continuos music flow, that affects people who are listening to this flow (bad flow is also a flow).
    5)a person who can do the number 4 and scratching (optional)

    I allways thought (and i still do), that the first one and the second one in this list – are the most important things for DJs, But now, with all these Spotify-like services and mobile apps growth, anyone, who pay 7 euros per month, can use a quite massive music collection not just in a specific genre – in ALL GENRES.
    Ive started from playing latin music (salsa, bachata, chacha, later – kizomba,ghetto zouk) in front of the crowd, on social dance events.To play that kind of music for that kind of crowd, i dont need any technical skills (beatmatching or sctratching etc). all i need is a collection of a good music and to play that music in a specific order to make people dance. Am I a DJ? Well, if its all about “playing in front of people”, I gues, I am. But can I ask a payment for that kind of DJing? Dont know...Im not doing anything except selecting a song and pressing play button. Can ipad+spotify replace me? Yes! Will it be better or not? Nobody knows. iPad cannot “feel the crowd”, but I`m also just a human and I will make some mistakes…So, am I a DJ? =)

    Same goes to wedding events. I can select whatever i want, but people will come and ask for a Britney Spears and im kinda have to play Britney, cause theyre paying me for playing music that they want to dance to. And they even can be unhappy if you`ll play some remix or will mix “Hit me baby one more time” with other song. So, whats my job as a DJ in this case? Im not selecting, Im just hit play button….

    So, as for me, a good DJ is a person who can create a flow, which make people reacting positively to that flow (not necessary dancing), using multiple music genres and using (or not using) some technical skills and equipment.

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