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    SmiTTTen, post: 10749 wrote: Ben’s just sharing his years old club experience with the group 😀

    Hush, brother 😛

    I’m not knocking keylock, it comes in handy (provided it doesn’t distort the music (as cheap CDJs do)) but scratching with it on just sounds… wrong.

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    My two cents: never disrupt the beat (never scratch on the main deck) and turn that goddamn keylock off (if you have it).

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    I don’t like Guetta because it’s all crappy and generic EDM with crappy and generic vocals. It almost all sounds the same.

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    Pick by usable features first. It’s nice having a shiny, solid, high-quality controller but if it’s only got two buttons it’s not much good. Ok, so that’s a bit exaggerated. I’ve got no idea what the NS6 is like, but I’d imagine it’s pretty similar to the S4 anyway, just with a different layout (and those larger jogs you’re after). I’m no turntablist but I’ve found the S4 to be usable for scratching (not that I have much to compare to).

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    > trying to censor his songs
    > plays Deadmau5’s Hey Baby
    Why don’t you just play Sexslave while you’re at it?

    Seriously, fix it up before hand because if you’re in a spot where you actually need to censor it, you will get nervous about it and you will bugger it up. Murphy’s Law and all that.

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    I throw heaps of stickers on mine. I’ve got a Behringer sticker, Traktor name and logo stickers, NI stickers, even a strip of orange stickers (a friend of mine went to an orange farm and somehow scored a giant reel of those oval-shaped stickers). I’ve also got two “blank” stickers (as they were from the box) with a laptop drawn on one (we were labelling things) and a mini-graffiti war between a friend and my girlfriend on the other. It’s a right mess.

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    Nevermind the power to the corporations, it will LITERALLY break the Internet. The Euro nations are all very against it and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did something radical if it passes. It doesn’t even force blocking, it actually disables DNS searches and such.

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    VinnyBlanc, post: 10544 wrote: But I am vein and think others (and myself) may see the s4 as more of a “toy” than wipping out the ns6.

    … what?

    It’s got tighter mappings and higher-resolution than almost anything else, especially with Traktor. Is it the plastic?

    in reply to: What's up with two DJs?? #1002274

    It depends on how much they’re doing live. It might just be that they’re both there to decide on song choices together because they both produce together. They could be doing it back-to-back. They could be running multiple track stems on multiple CDJs or something. I’m not entirely sure what they do live. Could even be running their own visuals.

    in reply to: Playing only one or two genres? #8910

    I personally only play what I like because I listen to it all the time so I get to know the tracks better. Thus, house, electro house, dubstep and DnB (and some of their various off-shoots and subgenres). Not to say I go by genre line, but these are just genres I usually like and there’s not much past there I like as much.

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    StefanoMaffulloDj, post: 7586 wrote: i prefere criticism instead of a “it’s ok” “nice” “good” that means that people prefere doing their things….


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    Chris Jennings, post: 7552 wrote: A song with quality mastering may very well be able to go to a much lower bit rate and still sound good than a song with poor mastering.

    Obviously. Crap in any format is still crap. When people talk of the quality of a music format, they mean how accurately it reproduces whatever came out of the studio main mixer.

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    Emma Partnow, post: 7441 wrote: I Still Mess Up in Ableton on Occasions 🙂

    I do this a lot when I arrange a track in Ableton by recording a ‘live’ playthrough. Haha.

    Still, I see his point. DJing in Ableton means you either have categorised sets (i.e. all your electro house in a set, all your dubstep in a set) , pre-built/playlist sets or a set with your whole library (how many scenes could Ableton have? Is this even possible?). Either way, it’s not great for flexibility.

    Ryan Leo, post: 7462 wrote: Why don’t you try nudging the track either way until your 100% its out and then speed it up until its going to fast. Do this back and forth.

    You mean moving it forward and backwards past the point of being in phase so you can hear what happens clearly?

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    LukeAlive, post: 7486 wrote: each year they asses on how many times and venues I played and charge me the royalties, doesnt that kinda give me permission to play any type of music in shape and form?

    I think that means you can legally play them out but you can’t legally have them… 0.o

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