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    Yeah, the waveforms are definitely very nice. If you use the waveforms it’s probably a very useful upgrade. They make it really easy to figure out what’s going on in a song where.

    I think you should just read up on the changes and decide whether they’re worth the cost. I can’t do a comparison for you, because I started out with TPS4, which is very close to TP2. Happy to answer any questions though.

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    Phil Morse, post: 1262 wrote: Having stuff ready “in case”, dropping vocals…

    I don’t have vocals handy (‘cept the vocal stems from Chase & Status’ Time, from the remix comp). Sounds like fun though. Where would I get them from?

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    ellgieff, post: 1249 wrote: For me it’s about flexibility. I can play anytime, anywhere, irrespective of what equipment may or may not be available. You haz Technics? I can do it. You haz Pioneers? I can do it. You haz a flat space that I can fit a laptop in? I can do it.

    Uggghh, I wish. I’d love to learn some “classic” hardware. I just don’t have access to any turntables or CDJs. Even if I did, I would still be running them through some sort of DVS anyway, unless it was some fancy Pioneer CDJ with the track waveform on an LCD. Digital suits me better though, I think.

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    Did you use a template and leave the skype/tel blank, or are you just not feeling like putting that on the Internet? (I’m guessing it’s the second case)

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    Paul Cook, post: 1176 wrote: mixing three records and a sample deck!

    I can mix between tracks with two decks, but what do I use a third or fourth for unless I’m mixing stems (which at this stage, I am not)?

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    The sample decks are just outputs, like 4 mini-decks (sorta, note quite). The only sample-deck-related reason to run anything from the mixer back into the computer is if you want to record with the loop recorder, then move the recording to a sample deck.

    I upgraded to TP2 because it was free with my S4, and it’s almost just an update from TPS4.

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    I left a comment for you 🙂 Maybe sounds a little bit negative but I was mostly concentrating on how you can improve (because you can already do what you’re doing right). Well done with that!

    Here’s a preview of a new track I’m working on. Feedback is appreciated 😉

    mailman, post: 529 wrote: I’d say there would be some good clubs, but yeah small population is gonna make it hard…Aston Shuffle are from Canberra so there must be some sort of house/electro scene.

    Sounds like I should be able to survive pretty well then. Might come down to Melbourne some time in my gap year (2013) for a few weeks to check out the scene. I wanna try to use my gap year purely for working on my music career. Dream job, go!

    Canberra, Australia. Nice to see some other Australians in here.

    mailman, post: 272 wrote: Melbourne, Australia…very lucky to live in a city where edm rules the clubs and the clubbing culture is huge

    Wow, sounds like I need to get down there. Not sure how it is in Canberra (given that I’m not old enough to go clubbing yet) but it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be that great here.

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    edit: That picture looks terrible >.< Looked much better on my phone.

    Phil Morse, post: 506 wrote: I don’t mind this type, I enjoy sharing info about my set-up etc

    Yeah, if it’s the sort of person who actually know what they’re talking about. Anyone else is ANNOYING >:(

    For me, it’s those guys that think they somehow have the right to split from the crowd and look over my shoulder at what I’m doing.

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    D-Jam, post: 408 wrote: the last band swooped in, set up in 10 min, and started playing right over me. Very inconsiderate.

    … and so, despite their love of my music, I refuse to open for the metalheads again any time soon. I know that feeling, D-Jam.

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    jorn, post: 380 wrote: Benny, I mean this is the kindest, as-helpful-as-I-can-be manner; really:

    You kinda deserved that request, and she was probably right. Your taste in music is only relevant in so far as it is used to make you better at making your crowd as happy as you possibly can. It’s not your dance floor; it’s theirs. I, for example, hate country music. But I make sure I know it enough to be able to play it when needed.

    I know that, I understand exactly what you mean. If I was being hired by a club to play top 40, I’d play top 40. As it was, it was my show, I was playing there primarily for me and the people who like my tastes in music (there are plenty of them there). There is absolutely no way I could please everyone. I play electronic music, the top 40 crew complains. I play top 40, the metal crew complains. Someone will ALWAYS complain. I figured it was easier to just target the group with similar musical taste to me, because then I could throw a little more passion into it.

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    I was always listening to music. I used to have an iPod plugged into my ear all the time (though I’ve recently ditched that in favour of my phone and my DJ headphones). I was at my half-brother’s wedding reception and I found myself more entertained by talking to the DJ and watching what he was doing than anything else. That got me into it. I downloaded VDJ when I got home and basically fell in love with the way you can mess with music.

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    Phil Morse, post: 438 wrote: On the library size subject, I think you can have enough music to play any situation in 32GB, never mind 64GB.

    Definitely. I trimmed some of the fat from my music library (basically just went through and went ctrl+clickclickclickclick delete on some folders I didn’t listen to any more). My music library is now 10 GiB, still bloated and has HEAPS for me That said, I don’t do 10 hour sets.

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