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    jorn, post: 369 wrote: That’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you at a gig??? I think you just jinxed yourself by posting this! Hehehehehe 😀

    DAMMIT! D= I will never play live again for fear of something worse.

    DJ GRE, post: 362 wrote: Generally when doing a drastic change like that I’ll use effects to make a slow build up then drop the new track, as syncing is generally gonna make one of the tracks sound off

    The tempo change sounded ok, unless you were really familiar with the song, in which case it just sounded odd. Keylock ftw. So you suggest that I just build things up with effects, then get very quick on the play button and the crossfader?

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    I don’t think I could stand DJing without physical controls. It’d be like going back to VDJing with a mouse and keyboard!

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    jezalenko, post: 226 wrote: I may sound like a broken record here, (especially if you visit another certain Digital DJ forum), but for me, it’d have to be a Traktor S4.

    I happen to have one of those ;D They’re freakin’ AMAZING. If you’ve never had anything with all those FX controls and hotcues and sample decks and other assorted cool features, you can’t imagine how much fun it is to play with. I have a Korg Nanopad with clever custom MIDI mapping alongside it for extra effects. That’s my ideal setup. I can’t really think of anything I want to add to it right now.

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    I’d recommend anything Hercules. My first controller was a Hercules MP3 E2 (midget with no sound card). It’s a nice toy but it’s really not good for anything professional, as the controls are all too small. That sounds really negative, but it really is good. I’ve heard great things about other Hercules products too.

    I also used the Numark iDJ3 (basically a Mixtrack with a mostly useless iPod dock in the middle) at a youth centre. This was the controller that convinced me to buy a larger controller (at which point I bought the S4, which is definitely NOT a good first controller). I think the Mixtrack Pro is a little bit too high priced for a first controller, but if you have money to throw away, why not? It’ll take you far.

    I’d definitely recommend buying something with decently sized controls and an internal soundcard with headphone output. Before you buy, READ EVERY REVIEW YOU CAN. If your DJ store has helpful staff (like (plugging them ’cause I love them)) then ask them about it all, talk to them. They’ll know plenty.

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    I got the “play something I can dance to” and the “play some good music” on Tuesday.

    I was DJing at my school at lunch time for fun and marketing. Filled the school hall! It was a 45 minute “screw the popular crowed, let’s find the people with my taste in music” set, so there was plenty of electro house, dubstep and a bit of DnB. The closest I got to mainstream was Dodge & Fuski’s “Guettastep”. When I got the “play some good music” request, I just said “I’ve just played you half an hour of good music” and stared at her until she went away. It also turns out that something-I-can-dance-to’s friend loves EDM. I knew there were EDM fans in that crowd somewhere! SUCCESSFUL MISSION!

    I just thought that those two requests were DJ myths that you guys tell to newbies like me for a laugh.

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    jezalenko, post: 236 wrote: … and chuck him over the decks back into the crowd!.

    ^^ LOL’D SO HARD

    Worst thing for me so far is a terrible mix (beatmix, of course. I ain’t no fading iPod) with a huge tempo change. I was jumping from dubstep at 140 BPM to some heavy drum & bass at 175 BPM. I used sync (traktor sync ties the BPMs together, with one as the “master”) purely because my pitch faders weren’t set up with enough of a range. I pushed the dubstep track slowly up to the max as I faded in the DnB, then had to switch the DnB track to be master so it could pick up the BPM at the bottom of it’s range. Now here’s the stupid bit: I only engaged sync on one deck, so when the DnB started moving up and the dubstep was fading out, the dubstep kept going at it’s comparatively slow pace. FYI, 156ish BPM dubstep does NOT mix with 175 BPM DnB. FELT REALLY BAD, MAN!

    Just to be clear, I only ever use sync when I need to to tie the BPMs together in some ridiculous way that my pitch faders/fingers do not allow. Otherwise, I go fully manual (although I do have the BPM counter…).

    I’ve only played a few minor gigs though, so there hasn’t been much room for an epic failure.

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