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    Audacity is like Paint for sound: You can play with individual pixels/samples, and use basic functions like rectangles/reverbs, but that’s about it.

    Ableton is like Photoshop for sound: You need to write custom plugins to play with the pixels/samples exactly how you’d like, but you don’t need that anyway because you have so many shiny tools and functions, like automation/gradient fills and a huge choice in effects/filters.

    ANALOGIES YAY! Disclaimer: I’m probably a little sleep deprived, so I may or may not regret posting this. My judgements should probably not be trusted completely. Haha.

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    Maiki V, post: 919 wrote: I started on a cracked copy of Virtual DJ3 (sorry to say)

    I think more of us did that than would admit it 😉 I’m completely legit now. Using TP2 which came with my TKS4. I think Traktor is a lot more powerful but it isn’t quite 100% stable (it actually seems to be degrading in performance, which is worrying). VDJ was so stable and smooth that I could be on Facebook and IRC discussing my DJ stream when I had a break between mixing. I really wish Traktor didn’t have that issue, it would be a 100% win for it then.

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    That sure is some nice embroidery, for sure. It’s got sparkles, too. Fancy. Clearly she loved your music, if she’s sharing such nice embroidery with you.

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    I’m not 100% sure on this, but aren’t “unofficial” remixes technically illegal to distribute? :S

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    I wouldn’t call it bad. Painful, yes, but you did well! The crowd just doesn’t understand, though :/ I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread though, because I’ve been realising that I do need to widen my styles a bit (although I don’t have any live gigs yet, so thankfully I haven’t run into this problem).

    DJ Hessler, post: 7411 wrote: ?? When is it not optimal to beatmatch manually??:confused:

    When happens and you have about 4 and a half seconds to get your next tune up and going. When you want to change the tempo of multiple decks and keep them in time as you speed up or slow down quickly. There’s all sorts of little situations that would have me using sync. Beatmatching manually would be fine in normal playing situations though.

    DJ Max D., post: 7390 wrote: Well I think you are not a DJ if you don’t wear pink fluffy bunny slippers when you spin! But that is just my opinion so..

    I thought I was the only one!

    DJ Max D., post: 7390 wrote: As for the OP question, I would rather say a controller can be better suited to YOUR style, not the style of music you spin.. I mean I saw people spinning dubstep on TTs, CDJs, regular controllers and controllers without jogs and it will all sound good as long as you feel comfortable with it.

    Exactly! I say the same thing about production software, DJing software and any related hardware: There is never a “best” for a particular style of music, there’s just the best for your particular style of work and use. (That said, Ableton is undeniably the best DJing/production crossover software :P)

    I definitely agree that it is useful, it’s just not always optimal to beatmatch manually, and likewise for the sync button. It’s a skill I think every DJ should learn, whether they use it on stage or not. Likewise, anyone using a system with beatgrids should learn to use them. If not for emergencies require a change of tactics, then at least so you know how everything’s working.

    Michael M. Hughes, post: 7328 wrote: I can do much more than I used to and focus on other important aspects of playing. I am a better DJ because of it, which is one way of saying my music and mixes sound immensely better and are more successful.

    That’s pretty much what Richie Hawtin says about it, although he also said that if you don’t make good use of the time the sync button saves you, THEN you’re a lazy sync-jockey DJ.

    U31, post: 7266 wrote: This method is naturally gonna fall down when i do a set on the fly…

    … hence my learning to beatmatch by ear 😛 I don’t use sync because I don’t have a lot else to do otherwise. Most of my tracks would be quite busy enough, so FX are sorta out of the questions. I don’t like feeling dependent on the machine either. More control is nice, but so is having the machine to help in a tight spot.

    U31, post: 7266 wrote: Keep us updated on your progress, i dont doubt you’ll crack it in under a day!

    Probably, if not for my IT friends giving me the idea of programming an IRC bot. Spent all night writing the code for it >.< Hardly halfway finished. Working but with little function. Much to do. Such is the life of an IT geek.

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    Why don’t you just stop the track yourself? Drop the fader quickly or something. I don’t see the issue…

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    djsubculture, post: 7248 wrote: Chapter 2.2 “The Traktor Configuration Files”

    I don’t have the book, but I do have a fair bit of experience using Traktor. What’s it talking about?

    Jem, post: 7249 wrote: I commend you for putting the time in to learn in these days of sync buttons and such.

    Thank you 🙂 Never really did like the sync button for regular mixing, it does have its uses in extreme circumstances though. I wanna learn it because I can see the value in it. It’s a skill I probably won’t use on stage much but it might save my ass some time.

    U31, post: 7250 wrote: dont worry about if you get the tunes running true by ear and the display shows its out by the 0.2 or 1 bpm or so, thats as close as damn it, trust me!

    I’m not worried about that, that actually made me pretty happy. It’s just that I still feel uncomfortably blind.

    Cybertrash, post: 7251 wrote: if you get a chance to try your hands on vinyl, take it.

    I freakin’ wish.

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    I like where this is going =D I’ll check it out! Thanks!

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    You need to what? I’ve never had to do anything like that. What’s the context?

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