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    D-Jam, post: 5946 wrote: Some though have suggested stores with kiosks or USB tablets where people can hang, have a coffee, chat, listen to stuff, hear suggestions from employees (who are also DJs), have guest DJs come in to play, and thus make it a hangout/shop for DJs to buy digital music.

    That would be awesome… don’t think it’ll happen around my area though. That, and the convenience, cause me to shop online.

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    I only use Dropbox to keep backups of important, small files (game saves, configs, Ableton projects (minus the samples, those are huge)) and I use the public folder to share files with friends. The IMTC guys use it to pass on half-done mixtrains to the next DJ, so I’ll be using it for that again too once we get a few more aboard the Gentleman’s Dubstep Train.

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    I don’t use templates. I’ve been saving some of my better effects racks and such, that’s the extent of my pre-done stuff though. I usually just load up a MIDI track with a synth of some sort, a MIDI track for drums and if I’m doing a remix, audio tracks for the stems/acapella. Then I just screw around with it all, slice the vocals etc. until I start producing clips I like, then I arrange the clips so the song sorta exists top-to-bottom is session view. After that, I start recording from session view and “play the song” (pad controllers make this fairly easy), then tweak in arrangement view.

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    mr_john, post: 5855 wrote: And synching it with some lights/ fireworks/ whatever, is no excuse. That’s what rehearsal is for.

    Rehearsing with fireworks is very expensive. If they want the fireworks to bang on the beat, syncing it live is just not an option. Pyrotechnics is more than *push button* BANG!

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    mr_john, post: 5856 wrote: I don’t even believe in bathroom break mixes… If you need a break, mix in a song you know is long enough, that you can easily mix something in with when you return, and make it quick..

    mr_john, post: 5856 wrote: and make it quick..

    … and then you get stuck in the crowd or something stupid like that and you’re absolutely screwed. If you can make it back in the first song, then good for you, mix out and no-one will know. On the other hand, some drunk guy starts hanging off your arms requesting lame songs and you take a while getting him off but it doesn’t matter because you have that safety net there.

    As for Steve, I think he’s a bit arrogant but from what I know of pyrotechnics, it’s near-impossible to sync live.

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    U31, post: 5229 wrote: Ha ha dont EVER wish it away!

    Well, this age is pretty nice and all but damn it effs with my DJ dreams.

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    jezalenko, post: 4860 wrote: Mike, as far as I’m aware, VDJ cant support mulitple soundcards. I fiddled with this as well, and I’m pretty sure it isnt possible, but I’d like to be proven wrong.

    PROVEN WRONG, HARDCORE! Not a practical setup but it gets the point across. VDJ 7 Pro, btw. I couldn’t open up the LE version for a test because it refuses to start without a connection to the controller it came with (which I sold to a friend when I got my S4).

    More practical (and highly recommended):

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    Too young to go clubbing. To old for the local youth dance nights.

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    Hey, I’m over here! =D

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    Woefully inadequate? I’ve always liked the Traktor mapping section (Pro 2, anyway, if there’s a difference). I don’t see the advantage this app has, anyway. I’ve never felt a need for any of the features it advertises. :/ Just my (brutal) 2 cents (GST not included).

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    Performance, more performance, perfect performance. That takes priority over any features, IMHO.

    Then maybe Traktorish beatgrids for autoloops (i.e. one-touch 1/4/8/16/32 beat loops)?
    Make use of multitouch screens to the max! I presume that you’re already using it for simultaneous control use. Have an option to replace the pitch fader with a button that, when held, would show a pitch fader that takes up the entire height of the screen, for better control over the fader (can move in smaller increments).

    EDIT: MIDI output, instead of track output? As an option, of course. Would widen your market, methinks.

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    Disable network devices and ACPI battery control drivers. Run LatencyMon ’til you find something with ridiculously high exectuion times and disable it if possible. Fixed it for me, although I still get skips if Traktor is analysing tracks. You can also try pushing buffers up and sample rates down.

    Emma Partnow, post: 4997 wrote: I Understand that Files (wherever we Buy them from) are ‘Tagged’ in a way that we Cannot ‘Alter’ (in Properties);

    There’s no such thing as data you can’t alter… 0.o must be something else, or someone would’ve already released a music “legitimiser”.

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    I use Ustream and a UCA222. Run my S4 into the UCA222, it spits it straight back out into my speakers. The laptop pulls the stream from the UCA222 and the video from the inbuilt webcam at spits it onto ustream. I’ve got 1 recorded show at if you want to see the result.

    Stop listening to people. There is no “best”. Personally, my favourite is Ableton, just because it fits well with what I do and the way I do things.

    My advice: Download trial versions of anything and everything you’re interested in. Spend a week or two with the Ableton trial, then a week or two with Cubase, then some with Reason and so on. Figure out what suits you and use that!

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