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  • D-Jam, post: 745 wrote: I’ve heard they’re also very hard on piracy, and some clubs even use a program to scan a DJ’s hard drive to make sure his music is legal.

    How do they do that? And how the hell does that work? How do they tell legit copies apart from freebies (like Dodge & Fuski’s “Guettastep” that they released on their FB paage/MediaFire)? What if I bought a song legit but play the leaked version because I like it better (Like Skrillex’s First Of The Year).

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    Time’s almost up, guys. QUICK QUICK!

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    VDJ has no external mixer mode?

    EDIT: Nevermind, it does! It one-ups Traktor slightly. You can push to an external mixer via a multi-output card (Traktor style) or through multiple cards (which I don’t think Traktor can). The advanced output mode is actually pretty flexible.

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    I’ll be in there =D Bring it, DDJT Forum 😛

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    The most important thing: has he learnt to stay out of the DJ booth?

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    Emma Partnow, post: 4205 wrote: I Definitely Like The Idea Of DJ’ing In A Cage 😎
    I don’t Care If I Look Like a Monkey; I Just Don’t Want Anyone Touching My Stuff 🙂

    YES PLEASE =D It’d get so damn annoying having people think they could just drop in and chill with me. >:(

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    t0rben, post: 3781 wrote: add some good studio monitors and that’s really all you need 🙂

    Not even. I’ve been doing ok with DJ headphones. You only really need monitors for mastering. I just use a variety of sound systems before I put a track out and make sure it sounds pretty good on all of them (those are the sorts of systems listeners will be using anyway).

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    Emma, he doesn’t need a soundcard with inputs, it would be useless, unless said soundcard has a “through” option, in which case it would be acting like a miniature mixer.

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    D-Jam, post: 3680 wrote: A DAW

    That’s the short version, yes 🙂

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    I think that the S4 basically has it nailed. Obviously, no controller using MIDI could do what the S4 does, so it has to be proprietary in that respect. I’m a very pro-openness person, so I definitely love the fact that both Traktor and the S4 can be used with anything else (FYI, the S4 goes into “MIDI mode” when you press shift+browse, which “dumbs it down” to a standard MIDI controller).

    Proprietary systems definitely have their place but they shouldn’t be locked into that place.

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    D-Jam, post: 3676 wrote: I agree on the image resize, but save the big image for press purposes.

    Oh yeah, definitely don’t throw it away, just don’t give people giant images unless they specifically ask for a big image (like clicking on the thumbnail).

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    DjSpekz, post: 3551 wrote: I have been having problems recording my mixes with Traktor Pro 2

    What problem, exactly? Set Mix Recorder -> Source to internal, check Global Settings -> Show Global Section. Close the settings and click on the tape to the right. The knob adjust recording gain and the buttons activate broadcasting and recording.

    If you’re still having problems, then there’s a problem.

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    You don’t need any fancy gear. Anyone who says you do is (to put it bluntly) full of rubbish. My “studio” most of the time consists of my laptop, Ableton Live and my headphones. I’ve got a MIDI keyboard which is very fun to play with and some nanoPads which make drum programming a little smoother, and an external sound card for studio quality output, but I don’t *need* this to make music. All you need is some software that will take in instructions of some sort and spit a nice sound file out the other end (and a bit of dedication, of course).

    What you need to do is get yourself demos of Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason, and grab a few free software packages like MuLab Free and LMMS. Try them all out, find one that fits your style (I use Ableton because it’s the one I’m most comfortable with). If you really like the non-free software packages, buy them. No matter what anyone tells you, there is no “best” software package. For example, a lot of people will tell you that FL Studio is a toy, but Porter Robinson got famous with it. It’s all about what suits you the best.

    You won’t need to buy any hardware for a while. MIDI instruments or other controllers do let you play with your software a bit more and they can help you get creative, but you won’t need them. Soundcards are generally only needed if you’re doing studio stuff (recording live instruments or vocals, splitting to multiple monitor channels, etc.). If you’re an absolute audiophile with a sound-proofed studio in the basement, then maybe a high-quality card will be useful, though you’d probably be fine with any laptop headphone jack.

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    DJ EENGENIOUS, post: 3571 wrote: Here’s mine, I recently launched it:

    That’s a nice site, but (being the IT nerd I am) I have one big problem with it.

    That little thumbnail of you on your bio page. That’s a 150 by 150 picture. Well, it displays are 150 by 150, it’s actually a 2848 by 4272 picture. You need to crop and scale down the original picture so that it loads a 150 by 150 image, instead of loading a giant image then scaling it down client-side. It’s a waste of bandwidth for both you and the person browsing your site. The warping of the image caused by the change in aspect ratio doesn’t look to great either. It also takes a long time to load the image, which is a problem people shouldn’t have to deal with unless they’re on dialup (and it’s worse for those people).

    Nerdy rant over. This goes for the rest of you, too: do your images properly, no matter the context.

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    Ugh, I’d hate to have to play on crappy speakers or a badly EQ’d system. So much hate.

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